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Windows 8: Distinctive, Innovative, and Microsoft’s ‘Riskiest Bet’ Yet

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Since its inception, Microsoft has created 20 or more different releases of its flagship product, the Windows operating system. This doesn’t even count the variants for different microarchitectures, Starter Editions, or so-called ‘UItimate versions. Despite this, this latest version, Windows 8, promises to be the most distinctive Windows yet as it represents Microsoft’s attempt to completely re-brand its consumer and corporate identities. The design philosophy behind W8, known as the ‘Metro UI’, has its roots back in Windows XP’s Media Center Edition. It then became the basis of the Zune media players and software, traveled to the Windows Phone operating system and even transformed the Xbox 360’s dashboard interface before coming to rest in the form of Windows 8’s new Start screen. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Windows 8 the company’s “riskiest bet” at a Gartner Symposium back in 2010. […] Read Full Article

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