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Lenovo S21e Review: Good Enough Only At the Right Price

This budget laptop might not belong at the head of its class, but the Lenovo S21e Windows notebook is still reliable and affordable. Read on to see if that's enough. Read full article

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface 3: Which Is the Best For You?

The Surface Pro 3 is more powerful, but the Surface 3 is less expensive. Both offer plenty to potential buyers. The question is, which is right for you? Read full article

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Windows 10 and Office Preview: Notebooks are the Future

We knew Windows 10 would be geared toward notebooks based on earlier builds. But now after seeing the tablet-friendly Continuum feature, as well as Office apps, it's beyond obvious that[...] Read full article

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Windows 10 First Look: What to Expect from the New Windows

Microsoft is hoping that the 1.5 billion Windows users around the world will welcome the upcoming release of Windows 10. Read full article

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How To Set Up a Power Plan in Windows 8/8.1 or 7

Let NotebookReview show you how to enhance the usability of your computer by tailoring the way it uses power to your unique needs in this tutorial. Read full article

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What’s Going To Be in Windows 8.1.1?

Now anticipated for release in April, the update looks likely to include features friendlier to traditional desktop users, but tablet user could benefit from improved anti-malware capabilities. Learn more from[...] Read full article

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How To Change or Reset a Windows 8/8.1 Password

Our memories aren't perfect; that's why we forget passwords. In this guide, NotebookReview show you how to reset a Windows 8 or 8.1 password for both local and Microsoft accounts.[...] Read full article

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Mark Shuttleworth Closes Ubuntu’s Oldest Bug

With Microsoft no longer the sole dominant player, Ubuntu's largest bug has been solved. Read full article

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China Passed the U.S. to Become World’s Biggest PC Market in 2012

China beats the U.S. in terms of most PCs sold - good news for desktop manufacturers. Read full article

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Devs Consider Jumping Ship as Windows Store Ad Revenue Dries Up

Developers are steaming after Microsoft stopped buying ads for Windows Store apps - and now, they're not making a cent. Read full article