Windows 8 Review

PC Stick Review: Quantum Access Windows 8.1 Mini PC Intel Stick

It looks like a Chromecast prototype with an old-school antenna. It has a full-sized USB port and microSD card slot. This can’t be a PC, can it? Read full article

Windows 8 How To

How to Consolidate and Manage Your Music Library

Chances are your music collection is a scattered mess, with tunes spread across the various cloud services like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music. Here's how to easily clean it[...] Read full article

Windows 8 Feature

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Surface 3: Which Is the Best For You?

The Surface Pro 3 is more powerful, but the Surface 3 is less expensive. Both offer plenty to potential buyers. The question is, which is right for you? Read full article

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Windows 8 Feature

Windows 10 and Office Preview: Notebooks are the Future

We knew Windows 10 would be geared toward notebooks based on earlier builds. But now after seeing the tablet-friendly Continuum feature, as well as Office apps, it's beyond obvious that[...] Read full article

Windows 8 Feature

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple MacBook Air (2014)

The Apple MacBook Air and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are two of the best, both touted as the ideal machine for portabality, power, and productivity. But which is the[...] Read full article

Windows 8 Review

Asus Transformer Book T100 Review

The Asus TransformerBook T100 offers users an affordable convertible notebook option. Equipped with Windows 8.1 the device is capable of handling basic tasks and programs without the steep price point[...] Read full article

Windows 8 Review

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review: Better Than Expected

Most people weren't impressed by the original Microsoft Surface and Windows RT, but keep reading to find out why the newest Surface is "a notebook in a tablet's body." Read full article

Windows 8 Review

Acer Aspire S7 (2013) Review

Acer updates the Aspire S7 ultrabook making improvements to battery life and performance. Keep reading to see if the new S7 is worth your holiday cash. Read full article

Windows 8 News

WinZip 18 Unveiled for Home Users & Enterprises

Enabled for Windows 8.1, the new version of Corel's compression and encryption software for consumers and businesses brings cool features like Cloud Links and Express Add-Ons. Read full article

Windows 8 News

Asus Transformer Book T100 To Be an Inexpensive Windows 8.1 Hybrid Laptop with a ”Bay Trail” Atom Processor

Asus will soon release a full-size Windows 8.1 tablet with a keyboard. While that's nothing groundbreaking, what is surprising about the Transformer Book T100 is the price: $350. Read full article