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Roku 3 Adds Better CPU, New UI, Streams Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for $99

Out today, the new Roku 3 is faster, prettier, streams just about every video service and packs in some really cool features - all for $99. Read full article

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Report: China, Japan to Embrace 4K Resolution TV First

The recent uptick in 4K HDTVs has us all interested, but it looks like the United States will be late to the 4K game. Read full article

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Now We’ve Got 4K TV, But What Will We Watch?

So you've bought a super hi-def 4K TV, but what're you going to watch? Upscaled 1080p content will only keep you satisfied for so long. Read full article

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Samsung Promises Revolutionary New TV at CES 2013

Samsung is being awfully cagey with its pre-CES announcements, promising only that it would deliver "an unprecedented new TV shape" at this year's show. Read full article

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Are You Ignoring Your Smart TV? Everyone Else Is!

A recent look at the uptake of smart TVs show that most of them are going woefully underutilized. Read full article

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Intel to Offer Cable TV Service, Delivered Online via Intel Chips

Intel is prepping a new cable TV service, delivered over the Internet. Read full article

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Boxee TV Review: Your TV, Smarter

Boxee has become an Internet success story, going from open-source project to real-world product. It's latest genesis, the Boxee TV, routes live TV, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and Vimeo straight onto[...] Read full article

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ASUS Qube with Google TV Shows Itself at FCC

The FCC just revealed a number of documents about the ASUS 'Qube', a new Google TV product that looks to be on track for reveal at CES in January. Read full article

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Is There Still a Place for 3D TV?

With a dearth of content and confusing standards filling the market, is there really still a place for 3D TVs? Read full article

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Apple Ships Five Million AppleTV Units This Year Alone, Considers it “Quite Small”

Despite the AppleTV remaining Cupertino's most public hobby, the little black box has sold over 5 million devices this past fiscal year, with more than a quarter of them coming[...] Read full article