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Sony Selling VAIO Division Amidst Falling PC Sales

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Alongside their announcement today of Q3 earnings, Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony announced that they would be selling their VAIO PC division. The deal with Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) is set to be completed by March 2014, and comes as the tide is shifting for PC purchases. While worldwide PC sales are down in general compared to rising mobile and tablet sales, VAIO (introduced in 1996) specifically has struggled in the past decade with not offering affordable options, and lacking a marketing edge compared to other PC brands. From October to December, Sony’s Mobile Products & Communications unit, which includes VAIO, suffered operating losses of ¥12.6 billion (about $123 million USD). Sony will continue to produce tablets and smartphones, and will also focus more on their Playstation and television units (including splitting their TV development into its own business). Sony has […] Read Full Article

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Sony Refreshes VAIO Line, Adding 11-inch Flip Hybrid Laptop

Sony reveals its new 11-inch hybrid notebook and refreshes its VAIO line with the move to Windows 8.1 and faster WiFi. Read full article

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Sony Showcases New VAIO Pro 11 and VAIO Pro 13

Sony today introduced the VAIO Pro 11 and VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabooks, as well as the VAIO Duo 13 hybrid notebook tablet. Are these the mobile PCs you've been waiting[...] Read full article

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Sony: Not the Electronics Giant You Think

While most Westerners look at Sony and see a successful electronics company famous for the Walkman and PlayStation, people in Japan see something completely different. Read full article

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VIDEO: Sony VAIO Fit 15 Review

Here's a look at the 15-inch variant of the Sony VAIO Fit notebook that comes with an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and metallic casing. Do the specs match[...] Read full article

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Sony Introduces New VAIO Fit Laptops and Updated Ultrabook

Sony today introduced the brand new VAIO Fit laptop line as well as enhancements to Sony's top-selling VAIO T Series 15 Ultrabooks powered by Windows 8. Read full article

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John Carmack Likes the PS4

According to one of his recent tweets, famed game creator John Carmack (of gaming's id Software) looks to be a fan of Sony's upcoming console. Read full article

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What Are The PS4 Specs? Sony Goes AMD in a Big Way

We might not know exactly what the PS4 is going to look like, but at least we know the system's general specs. This time around, it looks like AMD is[...] Read full article

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PlayStation Cloud: Play PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 Games On Any Device

Sony just announced that their latest project has been greenlit: the PlayStation Cloud. Fruit of acquisition Gaikai, the PS Cloud will let you play anything, anywhere. Read full article

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Best Touch Ultrabook: ASUS S400CA vs. Sony VAIO T

We recently reviewed two Windows 8 touch-enabled Ultrabooks retailing under $700; see which one we like best. Read full article

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Sony Shows Vaio Tap 20 All-in-One with Windows 8

We stopped in at IFA2012 in Germany, and headed to the Sony booth to check out their latest creation: the new Sony Tap 20, a multitouch all-in-one with an unusual[...] Read full article