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Corel Unveils VideoStudio X7

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Corel is now carrying out a soft launch of VideoStudio X7, a new version of its Windows-based video editing suite that will add native 64-bit performance, a new template-based FastFlick mode for quick editing, a simplified user interface (UI), and a raft of other new features. Available immediately to existing customers, X7 will hit public availability on March 5, said Greg Wood, senior product manager, in a briefing for NotebookReview. “VideoStudio X7 is the result of the most extensive research in our history,” according to Wood. In conducting research among its customer base, Corel found that 52% are “occasional users,” in contrast to 79% among users of rival video editing suites. Also among VS users, another 29% are “frequent hobbyists,” whereas 2% are professional videographers and 17% use the software as part of their work in other types of jobs. […] Read Full Article

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What’s in Windows 8.1 Update 1, and When Will It Be Ready?

Windows 8.1 Update 1 might be released in April instead of March, according to a report published on Tuesday, a couple of days after the leak of a beta build[...] Read full article

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CES 2014: Will Windows/Android Hybrid PCs Really Fly?

At CES, Intel and AMD separately unveiled plans for PCs running both Windows and Android. But will consumers really buy these hybrid devices? Analysts are divided. Read full article

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CES 2014 PC Software Roundup: McAfee Is Renamed

In a week big on Android and iOS app announcements but light on PC software news, McAfee got a new name and Mozilla's Windows 8.1 Firefox browser app got delayed.[...] Read full article

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PC Video Editing Software: Five Top Deals

For beginning and intermediate-level movie-makers, where can you find the best values in PC video editing software? Here are our top five product picks. Read full article

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A Windows 8.1 Security Feature Goes Missing: Why?

Back in June, Microsoft announced Provable PC Health, a Windows 8.1 security service for consumers and BYOD scenarios. Will this feature ever see the light of day? Read full article

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CES 2014 Preview: Windows 8.1 PCs Meet Gadgets & Apps

Beyond Windows 8.1 PCs and iOS 7 mobile devices, CES 2014 will feature 3D printing, digital watches, and loads of distinctive sensor-driven, app-enabled gadgets. Read full article

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Windows 8.1: Should You Upgrade?

If you haven't installed Windows 8.1 yet, should you go ahead? Well, are you using XP, Vista, Win7, or 8? Here are some points to ponder specific to these OSes. Read full article

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10 Key Windows 8.1 Features: Start Button, Better Search & More

Windows 8.1 brings literally hundreds of new features. Here are ten that either fix mistakes in Windows 8 or add other important new functionality. Read full article

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Microsoft Announces Windows 8.1 Pricing & Upgrade Info

Windows 8 users will get free updates to 8.1, but others will pay $119.99 (or $199.99 for Pro). Microsoft doesn't "recommend" 8.1 installation on XP or Vista PCs. Read full article

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McAfee Intros 2014 PC, Mac & Mobile Security Products

McAfee's latest lineup of Internet security software features a new antimalware engine called AM Core, for increased protection with less performance impact. Read full article