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MSI Wind Top AE2070 Adds USB 3.0 to Wind Top Lineup

MSI might be as bad as Lenovo about introducing as many new all-in-one models as they can...and that's a good thing! The new Wind Top AE2070 manages to pack a[...] Read full article

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MSI Intros GX780 Gaming Notebook with SteelSeries Keyboard

MSI has introduced its latest gaming notebook, the 17.3-inch GX780 featuring a custom "SteelSeries" keyboard. Read full article

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Technology Plays Key Role in SOHO Success

Small office and home office workers want the same return on investment from technology solutions as the bigger players. "In the end, it's all about having that home court[...] Read full article

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MSI Intros X370 Notebook with AMD Fusion Processor

MSI has introduced its latest ultraportable notebook, the X370 featuring AMD's Fusion power-friendly processor. Read full article

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MSI GX660R-060US Review

The MSI GX660R gaming notebook is the sequel to last year's popular GT660R. This 15-inch gaming notebook packs a fast Intel Core i7 processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics[...] Read full article

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CES 2010: MSI Demos Butterfly PC for Escaping Touchscreen Arm Fatigue

At CES 2011, MSI showed off the Butterfly all-in-one (AIO), a concept PC that might have been designed in reaction to criticisms from Apple CEO Steve Jobs and scientific researchers[...] Read full article

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CES 2011: MSI Throws Behind Sandy Bridge

At the MSI press conference this week in Las Vegas, MSI showed off that when it comes to keeping up with new technology, they're no slouch. In this case,[...] Read full article

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Congratulations on Getting a New Computer!

With the holidays passing, a lot of people are just getting around to setting up their new computer, and no doubt have questions about what to do and how to[...] Read full article

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DesktopReview’s Guide to Black Friday 2010

It's here again. The day after Thanksgiving, while most of America wakes up from the stupor brought on from eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much[...] Read full article

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Sandy Bridge PCs Get Sneak Peek from Leaked Board Specs

With the first PCs based on Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture widely expected to show up at CES in January, leaked specifications from mother board makers like ECS, MSI, and Gigabyte[...] Read full article