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Windows 10 and Office Preview: Notebooks are the Future

We knew Windows 10 would be geared toward notebooks based on earlier builds. But now after seeing the tablet-friendly Continuum feature, as well as Office apps, it's beyond obvious that[...] Read full article

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How To Change or Reset a Windows 8/8.1 Password

Our memories aren't perfect; that's why we forget passwords. In this guide, NotebookReview show you how to reset a Windows 8 or 8.1 password for both local and Microsoft accounts.[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Shows Next-Gen Kinect for Windows at Build 2013

Microsoft has been producing a Kinect for Windows for some time now, and while we've yet to see many consumers take advantage, academics and other researchers are smitten. At BUILD,[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Details Xbox One Revealing New Games and Price

After a TV and social media heavy reveal, Microsoft comes out firing on all cylinders with new games, exclusives, and the system's pricing. Read full article

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Microsoft: $1 Billion for Xbox One Games

Microsoft promises to spend boatloads of cash to bring new games to the Xbox One. Read full article

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Microsoft Unveils Next Xbox: the Xbox One

Microsoft just unveiled latest console, the Xbox One. Filled with the latest in motion control, the new system promises to be a new central hub for your TV. Read full article

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Is Microsoft to Blame for Your Computer Virus? Unlikely, Say Researchers

According to Kaspersky, 75% of security vulnerabilities are due to 3rd party apps. Read full article

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Microsoft Releases Major Update to Office 365

Just when you thought Redmond was done with the new, cloud-friendly version of Office, a new update brings expansive new functionality. Read full article

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Microsoft Office 2013 Can Only Be Installed Once and Never Reinstalled

Is Office 2013's new license meant to push customers to Office 365? Microsoft's new license terms for Office 2013 are not making consumers very happy due to some new very[...] Read full article

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After all the Warnings, Users are Still Lazy About Security

A world-wide Microsoft survey finds users still don't know or care much about security their computing products. Read full article