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Screen Casting 101: The Wired and Wireless Ways to Share Displays

The good news: It's easier than ever to share your tablet, smartphone, or laptop display. The bad news: it's still not as easy as it should be, thanks for competing[...] Read full article

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PC Video Editing Software: Five Top Deals

For beginning and intermediate-level movie-makers, where can you find the best values in PC video editing software? Here are our top five product picks. Read full article

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Intel Putting Atom into Pentium, Celeron

Intel is planning on making new Pentium and Celeron CPUs based on their low-power, Atom CPU microarchitecture. Read full article

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Intel Announces new Silvermont Architecture

Intel's new Silvermont architecture utilizing a 22nm manufacturing process, will be the foundation for a wide range of products coming to market later this year. Read full article

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As Haswell Nears, Intel to Redesign the Atom CPU

Intel's low-power Atom CPUs won millions of fans thanks to their placement in ultra low-cost netbooks and all-in-ones from a few years ago. As the company preps to hit the[...] Read full article

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Eurocom Panther Awarded Intel Form Factor Innovation Award

Eurocom recently received the Intel Form Factor Innovation Award for its Panther platform. The platform offers dual functionality as a mobile workstation and mobile server in a 12 pound form[...] Read full article

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Intel Promises Cheaper Ultrabooks

Is it possible to build a thin, high-performance laptop for the same price as a budget notebook? Intel says they can but will a $599 price tag get people buying[...] Read full article

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Processor Supplies Take an Unexpected Dive on Market Uncertainties

Seasonal patterns are out the window as the market knocks Intel and its customers around. Read full article

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Intel’s “Haswell” is Coming – Here’s why You Should Care

Every two years, Intel introduces a whole new architecture. Can they reinvent the x86...again? Read full article

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Is Intel Giving Up Socketed CPUs? Moreover, Does it Matter?

A change in design has enthusiasts up in arms, but what's Intel really up to? Read full article