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CES2012: Samsung inTouch Brings Android 2.3, 720p HD Video Calls to Any HDTV for $199

Last year, GoogleTV was the hot new thing that Smart TV enthusiasts were talking about. We've seen how well that worked out for companies like Logitech (i.e., not at all)[...] Read full article

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CES2012: Vizio All-in-one Desktops and Notebooks Hitting Apple, HP, Lenovo Head On

Anyone who's purchased an HDTV within the last several years, especially anyone who's purchased one in the USA, will be familiar with Vizio. The company has skyrocketed out of nowhere[...] Read full article

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HP Releases Omni 27 All-in-one: Look Out 27-inch iMac

Apple made waves when it first introduced its 27-inch variant of the iMac just a couple of years ago. HP clearly sees room for a PC version of the form[...] Read full article

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DesktopReview’s 2011 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: The Best Desktops, All-in-Ones, Accessories and More!

It's only five more weeks until the big day, and if you want to jump in and take advantage of the best deals, now's the perfect time to get started! Read full article

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Hi-Def Tri-Def: Is 3D All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Every holiday season, manufacturers try to reinvent themselves in order to entice more and new customers to buy their wares. CPUs might be a little quicker, hard drives a bit[...] Read full article

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HP TouchSmart 620 3D Review: HP’s New 3D, Multitouch King

This morning, HP unveiled the all-new TouchSmart 620 all-in-one computer. The 620 builds upon its predecessor with some impressive new features: a 3D-capable, 120Hz display and twin webcams. But is[...] Read full article

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Apple Stock Falls After Failing to Meet Profit Goals, a First in Six Years

For the first time in almost seven years, Apple missed Wall Street's expectations sending the stock down by 6%. In its most recent revenue earnings call, new CEO Tim Cook[...] Read full article

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Dell Inspiron One 2320 Brings 2TB Storage and Blu-ray to Multitouch All-in-ones

Computer manufacturers are churning out all-in-one updates left and right, but Dell has remained silent. That silence was recently broken thanks to the introduction of the Dell Inspiron One 2320,[...] Read full article

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Samsung Series 7 All-in-One is Samsung’s First Ever US Desktop

Samsung has been building all-in-one desktops for a while, now, but if you were in the United States, you wouldn't know it. That all changes with the Series 7 all-in-one,[...] Read full article

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All-In-One Trifecta ASUS ET2700, ET2410, ET2210 Announced

Just like HP showed a few weeks ago, the desktop market is anything but dead, especially when it comes to the all-in-one market. ASUS came out with its own efforts[...] Read full article