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To 3D or Not to 3D?

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Listen to the chatter surrounding 3D technology – especially as we enter the holiday buying season – and you might think it is the biggest thing to hit the consumer market in years. Nearly every product segment has been touched by the 3D technology buzz: 3D TVs, 3D notebooks, 3D cameras, 3D video games and even affordable 3D printers – the list goes on. 3D has become a pervasive marketing presence; is its utility as real as the pictures it purports to present? According to the insiders at IHS Screen Digest, who look at the film, television, broadband media, and home entertainment markets, 3D TVs have managed to capture a measly 2% of the market. That number is even lower for computer monitors, smartphones and cameras. By all indications, 3D is having a tough time getting a solid grip as […] Read Full Article

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