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Intel Shows Off Three-Dimensional Transistors: Moore’s Law is Safe

Today, Intel made public the fact that they had discovered how to build 3D transistors, widely considered to soon become a necessity for chipmakers as they approach the point at[...] Read full article

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Acer Outs Pair of 3D Monitors: HS244HQ and HN274H

Today Acer unveiled two new 120Hz, 3D-capable monitors. Each sits at 1920x1080 resolution and two are 23.6 inches, while the third is a full-on 27-inch display. It, as well as[...] Read full article

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Eyes-on with Pluribus: HP’s Amazing 3D Technology

This year at CES, HP showed off an impressive new technology at the Earth, Wind and Fire concert they organized in partnership with Monster. Code-named "Pluribus" (the Latin roughly translates[...] Read full article

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CES 2011: Lenovo Launches Impressive First 3D Display with 3D Webcam

At CES this year, Lenovo launched their first 3D display, the innovative L2363d. Aiming to solve the ergonomic problems most touch displays engender, the L2363d can fold back on[...] Read full article

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CES 2011: Toshiba to Showcase Glasses-free 3D

3D has been one of the major buzzwords in 2010, and for good reason: this year has, perhaps unsurprisingly, seen the release of more 3D-enabled movies and video games than[...] Read full article

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BenQ XL2410T Brings 120Hz 3D to BenQ’s Lineup

BenQ has taken its time before jumping into the 3D game, but it looks like they're doing it right in the form of the XL2410T. Read full article

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Digital Storm’s Black|OPS Shipping with Triple Displays and NVIDIA’s 3D Surround

ATI's big push, with the introduction of their 5000 series of graphics cards, was to create Eyefinity, which allows end users to easily create hugely expansive display setups from just[...] Read full article

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LG Releases 3D Computers, Monitor, Projector, and Viewing Glasses

In light of the box office success of 3D movies like Avatar, LG Electronics is releasing a line-up of 3D computers, monitors, and projectors, although shipment plans for the US[...] Read full article

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ASUS VG236H Review – ASUS’ 120Hz, 3D Display

Today, ASUS unveiled the VG236H, a new 23-inch display that runs at 120Hz. With such a high refresh rate, the new monitor is plainly targeted at gamers and media enthusiasts[...] Read full article

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Boutique PC Maker AVADirect Adds NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround to Gaming Lineup

Gamers are often seeking out the latest technology, and sometimes that means turning to the smaller computer companies. Boutique PC maker AVADirect is trying to beat bigger PC manufacturers[...] Read full article