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Bounce Is the Latest Whiteboard App, One of the Best

If you’ve ever taken part in a collaborative brainstorming session, you know one thing: follow-through is everything. As we’ve come to learn, there’s an app for that. It’s called Bounce[...] Read full article

Apple Review

Apple Watch Review: The Smartwatch Has Not Yet Arrived

The Apple Watch is here, and with it the potential to define the wearables market. It has all the signatures of an Apple product, including a great build and design.[...] Read full article

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Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (2014)

The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (2104) has 4 GB of memory, 128 GB of storage and runs on an Intel Core i5 processor. Read full article

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. Apple MacBook Air (2014)

The Apple MacBook Air and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are two of the best, both touted as the ideal machine for portabality, power, and productivity. But which is the[...] Read full article

Apple Review

Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (2014) Review

Here is the question: Is the MacBook Air still a viable choice for those looking for portable yet powerful laptop, especially in a market flooded with Ultrabooks and hybrids? Read full article

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New Apple MacBook Air Priced at $899 with New Processor and Better Battery Life

As expected, Apple just updated its MacBook Air lineup with Intel’s Haswell processor and a $100 price cut across the board on all models. Read full article

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iAnywhere Could Turn the iPad into a Desktop

iAnywhere is a rumored docking station with a display that could turn the the iPad or iPhone into a desktop. Learn more from TabletPCReview. Read full article

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PC Video Editing Software: Five Top Deals

For beginning and intermediate-level movie-makers, where can you find the best values in PC video editing software? Here are our top five product picks. Read full article

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Please, Please – Don’t Buy the 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple recently updated its 13-inch MacBook Pro, but kept the older, slower, thicker cousin around because people keep buying it. Please don't. Read full article

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New 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro includes Haswell CPU, Iris Pro GPU, GeForce GT 750m

In addition to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple made some substantive updates to the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display - Haswell, Iris and NVIDIA GPUs, 802.11ac, and more. Read full article