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AMD Athlon X4 845 Review: Excavator digs AMD out from under Intel

This budget-priced quad-core CPU might just be the best value per dollar among current desktop processors. Keep reading to find out why this wallet-friendly Athlon processor matters to notebook users. Read full article

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AMD Kaveri Hands-On: Performance Testing the FX-7600P

Check out our in-depth look at the latest generation of AMD’s A-series processor. Code named “Kaveri” this complex system on a chip delivers the newest multi-core processing technologies at a[...] Read full article

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AMD’s New Kaveri Processors Promise Amazing Performance Boost

AMD started talking details about the upcoming "Kaveri" line of A-series processors at CES, and Intel has a few reasons to worry. Read full article

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PC Video Editing Software: Five Top Deals

For beginning and intermediate-level movie-makers, where can you find the best values in PC video editing software? Here are our top five product picks. Read full article

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MainGear Adds AMD Option to the Nomad 17 Custom Gaming Laptop

The Nomad 17 will be the first MainGear notebook to feature AMD options for processor and graphics. Read full article

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AMD Announces 2014 Mobile APUs for Hybrid Tablets and Notebooks

Offering more than twice the performance of previous-generation mid-range and entry-level AMD mobile processors, "Mullins" and "Beema" are poised to dominate the market for affordable hybrid tablets/notebooks and budget laptops. Read full article

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AMD Unveils Kaveri at Developer Summit

AMD showcased more than just market strategy to developers at this year's AMD Developer Summit. Kaveri, AMD's next processor, was shown on stage. Read full article

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Eurocom Adds AMD Radeon HD 8970M Option to its Scorpius Upgradable Laptop

Eurocom announces the availability of the AMD Radeon HD 8970M in CrossFireX for its upgradable Scorpius laptop. Read full article

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AMD Shipping ‘5 GHz’ Eight-Core FX-9590 CPUs

AMD announced the FX-9000 series back at E3, but this week, we're seeing them put to use in full systems. Read full article

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AMD Reveals FX-9590 First 5 GHz Processor

AMD reveals new FX-9590 processor the first commercially available 5 GHz processor. Read full article