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Dell XPS 8300 Review

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After acquiring Alienware, Dell transitioned the XPS brand into the Studio XPS, targeting it at more fashion-conscious consumers. Longtime fans heralded the return of the brand, but can XPS regain its former glory? Let's find out. Read Full Article

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Dell Studio XPS 8100 Review

Adding a touch of sophistication to the more affordable Inspiron lines, Dell's Studio segment offers an option to mainstream users who want a little more - without having to spend[...] Read full article

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Alienware Area-51 ALX Review

The Alienware Area-51 ALX represents Alienware's top-of-the-line offering. With a starting price tag of more than two thousand dollars, the Area-51 ALX packs together multiple GPUs, heat sensing fins, fat[...] Read full article

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Dell Inspiron 580s Review

High-end Alienware rigs are nice, but they're not where the Round Rock computer giant makes all of its money. The value-centric Inspiron desktop line has always been a consistently strong[...] Read full article

Alienware Review

Alienware Aurora ALX Review

Alienware's new Aurora ALX is one of the four new offerings in Dell's rebranded gaming desktop line. Replete with temperature-sensing fins, impressive branding, top-of-the-line components and most importantly a cool[...] Read full article

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Alienware OptX AW2210 LCD Review

Alienware is a controversial brand. They often deliver high performing products, but there's also an accompanying high price tag. One of the ways they try to stand out is through[...] Read full article

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Alienware Area-51 x58 Review

Alienware is known throughout the tech community for their extravagant systems. While they've tried to tone it down in recent years, so as to appeal to a wider range[...] Read full article

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Alienware Area-51 790i Review

Alienware has always had a reputation for catering to the enthusiast end of the PC market. They try to differentiate themselves from other computer manufacturers by offering high-end components[...] Read full article