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Shogun Bros. Combines Gaming Mouse and Gamepad in Wireless Combo

The Chameleon X-1, a new combination wireless gaming mouse and gamepad from accessory makers Shogun Bros., puts two popular gaming peripherals together in one unsuspecting form factor. Read full article

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Gyration Air Mouse Elite Review

The Gyration Air Mouse Elite is a wireless USB mouse with optical and gyroscopic tracking abilities. Aimed at professionals who need to use their hands giving presentations, the Air Mouse[...] Read full article

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Razer Mouse Bungee Aims to Keep Your Corded Mouse Tangle Free

Razer, known popularly for their gaming peripherals - especially mice - has snapped up the creator of the niche Mouse Bungee in order to help craft their own version. Read full article

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Logitech Launches New Gaming Keyboard, Wireless Gaming Mouse, Wireless 7.1 Headset

Logitech is no stranger to gaming peripherals, they've had dedicated gaming keyboards and mice for some time, now. They also provide the stock for Alienware's setup, rebadging their popular G15[...] Read full article

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E3 2010: Razer Releases Starcraft II Gaming Mice, Keyboards and Headset

This year at E3, Razer took the wraps off of a special series of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty-inspired gaming mice, gaming keyboards and gaming headsets. Read full article

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E3 2010: MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T. Line of Gaming Mice Now Shipping

MadCatz, known more for their gaming system peripherals than for the products they bring to the PC gaming market, took the wraps off a new line of gaming mice this[...] Read full article

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Southpaws Rejoice: Razer Intros Left-handed Gaming Mouse

Being a southpaw myself, I know all too well the agony of mouse selection. Like most people, I've eschewed the expensive ergonomic options available throughout the years and made[...] Read full article

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Mad Catz’ Touchpad-Enhanced touchmouse Now Available

Chalk it up to missing this one at CES, but Mad Catz just announced that their interesting "touchmouse" is now shipping. Using Bluetooth to get the wires out of[...] Read full article

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Belkin Unveils Extremely High-Priced USB3.0 Accessories

Belkin has extensive experience creating accessories for people's digital lives. Keyboards, mice, bags, cases, ergonomics, notebook coolers, add-ons: the list goes on and on. They've recently decided to jump[...] Read full article

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oreObject Betting You’ll Want Steel Spherical Mice

oreObject,famous for making almost spherical mice of ambiguous ergonomic relevance, has come out with a new line of solid metal mice. They're shiny, but pricey - the most affordable[...] Read full article