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Gyration Air Mouse Elite Review

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The Gyration Air Mouse Elite is a wireless USB mouse with optical and gyroscopic tracking abilities. Aimed at professionals who need to use their hands giving presentations, the Air Mouse Elite works as a mouse regardless of being on a desk or not. Read our review to see what we think about it. Read Full Article

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The Wireless Comfort Mouse is a travel-friendly mouse from Belkin. Sporting a small size and all-terrain optical sensor the Comfort Mouse is designed to go anywhere your laptop goes. In[...] Read full article

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Logitech M555b Review

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Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse Review

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Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 Review

Assuming you can look beyond the ridiculously long name, the Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse 5000 is an impressive little mouse for laptop users. If your notebook has Bluetooth[...] Read full article

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The wireless Microsoft Arc Mouse features a sporty arc design and folds for portability. But is it a good on-the-go notebook mouse, or is it just dead weight? Read on[...] Read full article

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Microsoft Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack Review

Microsoft is most well known for its ubiquitous operating system and related software. What they're not as well known for is making some of the best computer peripherals anywhere. Today[...] Read full article

Mouse Review

Asus W5A Review (pics, specs)

The Asus W5A has a lot going for it, and in my opinion it is one of the best looking portable notebooks available. It is sleek, thin, lightweight, has[...] Read full article

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Apple iBook 12″ Review (pics, specs) — Time to Give Apple a Chance?

Being a diehard PC user for over 15 years, I had never considered switching to an Apple Mac or EVER using an Apple product. In fact I avoided using Quicktime[...] Read full article

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Apple iBook G4 Review — 12-inch Screen Version (pics, specs)

Getting an Apple laptop was unthinkable for me at first. I felt nothing from Apple's clever "Switch" ads, and as with many fellow PC/Windows users, I thoughts Macs were for[...] Read full article