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CES 2012: Windows 8 Gaze and Lenovo’s Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ TV

Even before CES opens its doors on Tuesday, the show is already evidencing novel uses of new operating systems, such as Tobii's Gaze "look and tap" UI for Windows 8,[...] Read full article

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25 Top Gadget Add-Ons for PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices

The Christmas countdown is on, but there's still time ahead for finding gadgets that will add more power, connectivity, storage, and/or fun new features to PCs and/ or mobile devices.[...] Read full article

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Holiday Deals on PC Software: Black Friday – Before and After

November is a fabulous month to get bargains on PC software, whether you're shopping for yourself or for somebody on your holiday gift list. Great deals are already out there[...] Read full article

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CES 2012 Preview: 3DTV Football, Ultramobile PCs, Wireless, and Some Gadget Sneak Peeks

What will we see at CES 2012? Here are some sneak peeks at gadgets set for rollout at the Las Vegas extravaganza in January. Read full article

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Invisible Glass Coming to Notebooks?

Excessive reflections from glossy notebook computer screens may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new product from Nippon Electric Glass (NEG). Read full article

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With Steve Jobs Gone, How Will Apple’s Software Fare Vs. Windows 8 & Android?

Apple's remaining management team now inherits two aspects of Steve Jobs' legacy: profoundly successful previous products, plus an ongoing embracement of change. Read full article

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Windows 8: Consumers & Businesses Catch Early Bugs

Early users of Microsoft's Windows 8 are complaining about bugs - but this time, these very first users include consumers and business users, not just developers. Read full article

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Toshiba USB Mobile Monitor Review

If you're a business traveler who needs to give presentations to clients in a small office space then you probably wish you had a second screen. Toshiba comes to the[...] Read full article

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Slim LED-backlit Notebooks Dominate Laptop Market

The market for slimmer notebook PCs with LED backlights (including 9.1" and larger netbooks) is forecast to double its share, from 16% in Q1'10 to 31% in Q4'10. Read full article