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How To Change Windows Update Settings in Windows 10

We explore Windows Update settings in Microsoft's latest operating system to help you make the decision to leave them as-is or customize to best suit your needs. Read full article

Android Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Review: Absurdly Large Android at Its Finest

It's undeniably an premium Android handset and it looks great. But how well do those looks translate into overall quality? Read full article

HP Review

HP OMEN Pro Review: Sex Appeal Meets Mobile Workstation

The words "attractive" and "mobile workstation" don't usually go together, but HP hopes to change that with its OMEN Pro. Keep reading to see if good looks and high performance[...] Read full article

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Top 5 System Utility Suites for Windows PCs

System utility suites are designed to keep your Windows PC humming along by helping you to clean up software junk. Here are our picks for the top five products. Read full article

Samsung Review

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review: Great, Big, & Pricey

It's big. It's powerful. It's pricey. On paper, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is the phablet to beat. How well does this Android phablet hold up in practice? Read full article

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Samsung Took the Best Part of BlackBerry and Made It a Case

Good news power users. Samsung is taking the best part of BlackBerry, the QWERTY keyboard, and making it a case. Read full article

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Hands On Preview

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is either a larger and more powerful Galaxy S6 edge, or a Galaxy Note5 without the S Pen. Either way, it's an impressive Android smartphone. Read full article

Android Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Hands On Preview

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 comes with a spec bump and some new S Pen features. It's built for productivity, but does the original phablet still hold up against the big-screen[...] Read full article

Microsoft Review

Microsoft Lumia 735 Review

There are roughly 7 million entry- to mid-level Lumia phones out there, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Lumia 735 is in many ways a[...] Read full article

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Top 5 Windows Video and Photo Editing Applications

Video and photo editing applications have come of age. Better yet, the flood of available products from various software vendors is driving prices down and making it possible for just[...] Read full article