To 3D or Not to 3D?

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Listen to the chatter surrounding 3D technology – especially as we enter the holiday buying season – and you might think it is the biggest thing to hit the consumer market in years. Nearly every product segment has been touched by the 3D technology buzz: 3D TVs, 3D notebooks, 3D cameras, 3D video games and even affordable 3D printers – the list goes on. 3D has become a pervasive marketing presence; is its utility as real as the pictures it purports to present?

According to the insiders at IHS Screen Digest, who look at the film, television, broadband media, and home entertainment markets, 3D TVs have managed to capture a measly 2% of the market. That number is even lower for computer monitors, smartphones and cameras. By all indications, 3D is having a tough time getting a solid grip as a strong buying incentive. In this Special Report we look at 3D without rose-colored glasses to pinpoint the benefits and challenges facing this what’s-old-is-new-again technology.

Why 3D Failed as the ‘Next Big Thing’, Why Touch Won’t

With 3D coming up as anything but a success for PC manufacturers, companies are turning to the ‘Next Big Thing’ in consumer technology – touch.

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Nintendo 3DS: Successful Despite Low Demand for 3D Gaming

If a purpose-built 3D gaming platform can’t make 3D gaming a success, what hope is there for the rest of the industry?

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Is There Still a Place for 3D TV?

With a dearth of content and confusing standards filling the market, is there really still a place for 3D TVs?

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Nintendo 3DS XL Review: Does Bigger Make for Better 3D?

Can Nintendo make 3D popular by making it…bigger? Find out and much more in our full review of this update of the hot gaming handheld.

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Toshiba Satellite P755-3DV20 Review: Affordable 3D Fun

The Toshiba Satellite P755 is part of the P750 series and is designed to strike a balance between a budget 15-inch laptop and a powerful multimedia PC. Is it possible to deliver a great 3D entertainment PC for an affordable price? Keep reading to find out.

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