The BYOD Buzz: Consumerization Changes the Face of Mobile Business IT

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The BYOD Buzz: Consumerization Changes the Face
of Mobile Business IT

A Special Report sponsored by HP

The consumerization of IT has become a popular buzz-topic across the technology landscape, and while some already consider it old news, the truth is that, like most technology trends, the early adopters always outpace the masses by years.

For most organizations, coming to grips with the realities of BYOD– employees bringing their own preferred smart phones, tablets, laptops and apps into the workplace– requires a radical readjustment of corporate policy and IT behavior. Ceding control on such a vast and vital swath of turf is anathema to many in IT but it is a groundswell that has serious momentum.

“You can’t stop it,” says Andrew Jurczyk, Global Chief Information Officer at SNR Denton, one of the world’s largest law firms, based in Chicago, which since 2008 has embraced a variety of personal devices, including iPhones and iPads, in the workplace.

Smartphones and tablets are usually associated with business BYOD tactics and strategies, with an estimated 70 percent of employees personally selecting their own tablets for work use, notes Forrester Research in October 2012 report. However, up to 46% of the workers included in the report also say they select and use their own laptops in their companies – a trend that may be on the rise as consumer notebooks become more affordable and companies more comfortable with systems that fit more snugly into existing IT policies.

Still, buoyed by BYOD, tablet shipments are expected to reach 240 million units worldwide this year, as compared with a projected 207 million notebook PCs, NPD DisplaySearch.

The surge of popular, innovative consumer devices along with a wave of novel applications has swept around the globe and has quickly reshaped the technology landscape. Traditionally, new technology has found a broad audience inside the business world and then moves out to consumers. But lately, that trend has been flipped on its head.

In this sponsored special report series, we’ll look at the consumerization trend as well as focus on specific products that target businesses and play a key role on the BYOD revolution.
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