Storage Strategies: Safeguarding and Securing Your Data

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It’s an essential component of nearly every device that we use, but one that few of us give serious thought until we run short. Storage, both internal and external, has always been a major focus in business, from major corporations that rely on data storage farms and networked devices to smaller organizations looking for a secure and reliable solution for maintaining company and customer data.

Consumers today are also giving some serious thought to storage options and alternatives, especially as more individuals look for ways to keep and archive growing collections of pictures and videos. The demand for external storage devices is expected to soar over the next few years as businesses and consumers make use of IP-based cameras and higher-resolution imaging devices, notes UK-based IMS Research.

In our 2012 Storage Special Report, we take a look at how users back up their data across a network, how mobile users can access their data from anywhere in the world, and even how to keep your data up and running when the lights go out.

– J.R. Nelson
Editor DesktopReview

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