Save Time, Save Money With Our Printer Tips

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At PrinterComparison, we often get repeat questions about certain topics involving printers from support issues to reducing costs. So we decided to create a running series that covers popular topics that readers can access at their leisure. Now every week, our staff will share expert advice on a wide range of printing topics on our Printer Tips from PrinterComparison page!

For more detailed help choosing a printer, you can post questions and get feedback from the online community by registering for our forums. Or check out our Printer Buying Guide, which includes information on the different styles of printers, brand info and links to reviews.

Printing from a Mobile Device

It’s not rocket science, but printing from a mobile device does require a bit of prep work. We tell you how to do it!

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Improving Print Quality

Print quality not what it used to be? These ink maintenance tips may help get your print output up to speed.

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Recycling Your Printer

Looking to upgrade your printer? Don’t retire your old system to the closet or curb when recycling is the right thing to do.

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Adding Color to Your Printing

Want to spice up your bland monochrome world? A color printer might be the perfect solution.

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Considering Your Consumables

Paper or high-quality stock? That’s an important question when it comes to your printer output. From a cost perspective, it also matters where you buy.

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3D Printing

Want to add more depth to your printing? Try giving it a 3D spin by looking into new developments and printing techniques that go beyond 2D limitations.

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