Holiday Guide 2011

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Smart Shopping Brings
Technology Home for the Holidays

Buyers in the market for consumer and business electronics plan to spend more this holiday season, although finding the best product at the best price is still a priority.

Desktop Desktops:All-in-ones pack more power into smaller space
Desktop systems are popular with consumers with an eye toward high-powered gaming and entertainment, and business users who are looking for high-ROI tools. We have the latest on this year’s top systems choices.
Notebook Notebooks and Laptops:The move toward more features at a lower cost
Notebook computers have become faster, more capable and less expensive as processors and battery life improve. Check out our top picks for the 2011 holiday season!
Tablet Tablet Computers:Portable productivity and on-the-go flexibility
They may be Web wonders, but today’s tablets are fast becoming indispensable tools as apps extend business resources and make better use of your time. They are also a whole lot of fun, as our Holiday Guide overview shows.
Printer Printers: Inkjets and lasers focus on more imaging optionsflexibility
No desktop or notebook purchase is complete without adding a new inkjet or laser printer to complete the package. This year, the emphasis is on faster speeds and more image flexibility, and we’ve got the inside scoop on output best buys.
Camera Digital Cameras: New models and designs conquer the digital divide
Smartphone cameras are all the rage, but nothing beats a capable and functional digital camera for producing stunning images. We’ve got the latest on next-generation cameras and photo tech.
Smart Phones Smartphones: Putting more power and performance in your hand
Apple recently unveiled its iPhone 4S, just in time for the holidays, and the Android camp is hot on its heels with an impressive range of devices with faster processors, larger screens and even 3D!
Game Mobile and PC Gaming: Pushing system performance and graphics to the limit
Computer gaming continues to drive device development and design as games become more realistic and interactive. Check out our top picks and reviews! 

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