Executive Summer Tech 2012

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How To Make Working Remotely A Little More Fun (and Productive) This Summer

Whether you find yourself struggling with deadlines at all hours of the night or you’re answering work emails from the beach at sunrise, our tech experts have discovered some of the best products and advice for staying productive this summer.


We’ve got tips for maximizing your productivity while traveling, new ways to stay connected with your team from anywhere with an internet connection, and even an accessory to make typing on an iPad a more enjoyable experience. Take a closer look at the products and services designed to help you stay productive whether you’re on vacation or stuck at home this summer.

WD’s MyNet Routers Keep You Connected to Your Data

Western Digital recently entered the home networking market with the MyNet line of home networking routers. Whether you’re working from home this summer, or tethering from the beach, the new MyNet keeps you and your data connected – wherever you are.

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Toshiba Mobile Monitor Review: Work Like a Pro from Your Laptop

Will you be toting a notebook PC on your vacation? If so, a mobile monitor can give you a wider view, akin to what you’d get on your desktop PC back in the office.

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OmniJoin Review: Videoconference with Co-Workers from Anywhere

Want to go face-to-face with co-workers from anywhere during vacation months? OmniJoin, a new service from Brother, advances low-cost videoconferencing a notch or two. Read the full article

Touchfire Screen-Top iPad Keyboard Review: Makes Touch-typing Easier

The iPad does a lot of things right. Text entry is not one of them thanks to a basic on-screen keyboard. The Touchfire screen-top keyboard could change that with a novel take on the iPad QWERTY problem. Let’s find out how well it performs.

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Ready to totally kick back from the office grind this summer? Our editors look at some vacation-ready tech solutions to make your break a lot better this season. Check out our Summer Tech 2012 Special Report as you continue your swing into summer!