Color Your World: Putting Your Best Footprint Forward with Green Technology

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By Sarah Meyer, Special Report Editor

Now that the cold and colorless winter is a distant memory and the promise of a long summer just ahead, it’s the perfect time to start thinking green and easing the impact on Mother Earth. From a technology perspective, this means considering the three R’s – Reduce, Recycle and Reuse – and how we can apply each of them to the technology products and services we use in our everyday lives.

While many people think sustainable efforts mostly involved giant mega-companies, small-to-medium size companies can also realize some significant savings by shrinking the carbon footprint of their PCs and workstations. The energy used by 100 workstations in one year is equivalent to 88 barrels of oil, or roughly 432 gallons of gasoline. If those 100 computers are always left on, the energy cost could be up to $9,000, according to a formula developed by Awareness into Action, a sustainability research group.

TechnologyGuide editors are keen on green and have compiled some facts and articles that touch upon all types of products categories, from notebooks, desktops, and tablets to smartphones and printers. In this Special Report, for example, we touch upon such topics as conserving energy and consumables when using your printer, and recycling and re-using outdated cell phones. We also focus on such topics as the best ‘green’ apps, how to reuse or recycle old digital cameras, and even pump more life into your battery to keep it out of the landfill. The practices noted are not only environmentally responsible, but just might end up saving you money!

So whether you are in the midst of the annual spring cleaning, preparing for a much needed summer vacation, or gearing up for a big office campaign, you’ll be sure to find useful tips and tricks on greening your technology footprint with our annual TechnologyGuide Green Special Report!

Green Articles

It’s Time to Slay Vampire Chargers

Anyone who cares about energy independence or the Green Movement is likely wondering if there’s anything they can do to help. There is an easy thing all phone users can do: unplug their charger.

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Printers and the Environment: How Can You Go Green?

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Printer Tips: Avoiding Waste By Printer Recycling

These days, there is a real emphasis on reducing waste and consumption by making lifestyle changes and recycling. Printers are notoriously wasteful between the paper, toner or ink cartridges and the constantly updated hardware. Find out now how can you make meaningful changes!

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Ready to Go Green? Here Are 8 Tablet Apps to Help You Get There

Believe it or not, just by owning a tablet PC you could be doing the environment a huge favor. How so? Because by migrating the majority of your media viewing, gaming, and browsing activities to an LCD tablet, you’re spending far less time on bigger energy guzzlers like your laptop, game console, or big screen TV. Want to do more, and maybe safe a few bucks in the process? Check out these 8 free Android and iOS apps to help you get greener.

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Recycling PCs & Other Gadgets: Think Before You Toss to Benefit Green Tech

Lots of folks want to get rid of old PCs, smartphones, iPads, and other consumer electronics items that are taking up space (and maybe gathering dust) somewhere in their homes. Still, relatively few people take part in product recycling programs. Here are some places where you can go to dispose of unwanted gadgets in an environmentally friendly manner, in some cases picking up a bit of cash for yourself along the way.

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Something Old, Something New: Companies Focus on Recycling, Re-Using Outdated Phones

Old handsets that end up in landfills leak toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater. There are a number of programs that make it easy for consumers to recycle their old phone, and maybe even make a bit of money off of it.

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Five Earth-Friendly Uses for your Old Digital Camera

Most digital cameras are built to keep snapping away for many years. But when the time comes to replace an old model, don’t just trash it – find a new use for it or put it to rest through an electronics recycling program. Check out our suggestions.

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How To Improve Laptop Battery Life (and Reduce Technology Waste)

Battery life is still one of the single most important issues that people consider when purchasing a new notebook. But what can you do to extend the battery life on the laptop you own now? Keep reading to see our top tips for improving notebook battery life.

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