CES 2013 Video Reports: Tech Innovations Take Centerstage

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CES 2013 Video Reports:
Tech Innovation Takes Centerstage in Las Vegas


Forget about New Year’s resolutions and recalling old acquaintances, if it’s January it’s time for the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where new products and technologies are launched and set the stage for tech innovation.

Roughly 156,000 people were expected to attend the event, which featured more than 3,250 exhibitors and an estimated 20,000 new product launches and first showings. Trends this year included super-high definition 4K televisions, a slew of new Windows 8 compatible devices, next-generation tablets and smartphones, and a range of ‘smart’ devices that are cloud-aware and ready for consumer or business applications.

One of the pervasive themes at this year’s event was consumerization and the bring your own device (BYOD) movement in business, only this time supported by new devices that are highly compatible with existing corporate applications and incredibly light and durable. The focus was also on large screen sizes in smartphones, flexible and bendable screen designs, and toughened notebooks, tablets and phones that can take a beating while keeping you competitive and productive.

Some of the big guns weren’t officially there this year, but a lot of the second-tier companies kept innovation pumping with new communications, security and user interface technologies. After all, this is CES where the technology tome is set for the rest of the year.

TechnologyGuide brings you the latest reports on the new technology at CES 2013 in video reports crated by our on-site staff of editors and writers. Be sure to also check out the CES coverage across our sites, profiling the top developments in desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, printers and software applications!

CES 2013 Articles

Dell Introduces New Inspiron Notebooks at CES

Dell unveils new versions of its Inspiron laptops at CES that are optimized for improved battery life without sacrificing overall performance – all in a smaller package for greater portability.

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AOL Intros Alto, For Organizing AOL & Non-AOL eMails

AOL has introduced Alto, a new cloud-based email product designed to help users cope with the floods of email in their AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! and other accounts in an organized way

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NVIDIA Shield Lets You Take Your Gaming Desktop on the Go

NVIDIA unwraps Shield, which is built around the just-unveiled Tegra 4, NVIDIA’s fourth-generation mobile chipset that combines four ARM-licensed CPU cores and 72 of NVIDIA’s custom GeForce cores.

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LG’s Mystery Windows 8 Tablet, Hiding in Plain Sight

LG’s mystery tablet has been identified as the Tab-Book H160, a sliding transformer. The real mystery, however, is if it will find its way to the U.S. market.

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Sony Xperia Z and ZL Preview

Sony has never been a strong threat in the smartphone market, but that may soon change with the entry of the Xperia Z and ZL smartphones

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Canon Speeds Up for Business

Canon shows four new Pixma inkjets and two new imageCLASS laser printers for business at CES and PrinterComparison scores a closer look and some hands-on time.

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