12 Tech Days Of Christmas 2011

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The Night before Christmas – An Adaptation


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a system was stirring, not keyboard or mouse.
The hard drives were abuzz by the chimney in pairs,
Storing apps, pix and data, making backups right there.


TechnologyGuide editors, though, were far from their beds,
Updating Web sites with fresh articles and heads.
J.R. Nelson kept pace as he tugged at his cap,
Writing of desktop PCs, upgrades and all that.


Editor Jerry Jackson follows trends of all type,
Reviewing notebooks and laptops and cutting through hype.
In a room down the hall, Sarah Meyer took lead,
Carefully measuring print performance and speed.


With a click and a flash, Allison Johnson did scoot,
As she tested the features of a new point-and-shoot.
In a small quiet corner with notebook on knee,
Amber Riippa was testing this tiny PC.


Miles to the west, the TechGuide staff further east,
Was also at work picking the best from the least.
Juggling tablets and eReaders of all sorts and size,
Jamison Cush made note of which buys were most wise.


A few paces down there is gaming and tech gear,
As Grant Hatchimonji seek top picks of the year.
Over a cubicle wall sits wordsmith Ed Green,
Checking grammar and tweeting on his PC screen.


We should not forget the Web look and feel part,
For what are the words without accompanying art?
This is where Julie Powers carries her load,
Offering JPEGs and GIFs of every size and mode.


Further south Ed Hardy keeps his site in good tone,
Writing of Apple and Android smartphones.
In New York, Jacqueline Emigh writes with knowledge and care,
As she covers the gamut of computer software.


Tucked away in the forums, secure in his threads,
As visions of moderators danced in his head.
Chris Leonard watched comments go to and fro,
Like frost in the meadow and new fallen snow.


Of course, there are freelancers too many to mention,
But, needless to say they deserve our attention.
One in particular, in Europe so metric,
Is View from Abroad columnist Dragan Petric.


As we enter the holiday and wrap up this year,
One thing is certain and very much clear.
As technology evolves and new products entice,
We will continue to provide our expert advice.


– Tim Scannell

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