12 Tech Days Of Christmas 2011

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Countdown to Christmas:
Yuletide Tech Gifts That Will Rule Your Yule

Shiny bikes, dolls and a reasonably tacky sweater or two may have been enough for Christmases of yore, but today’s tech-minded individuals will be looking for gifts of the digital kind this season. This means computers, tablets, software and maybe a keyboard or mouse that does a lot more than its predecessors.

Over past year, TechnologyGuide editors have looked at and reviewed the latest products designed to entertain and boost your productivity. Now, as the Big Day nears we offer some suggestions for technology stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to please even the most Scrooge-like critic. Rather than take digital pen to virtual paper, we put a new spin on the popular 12 Days of Christmas holiday song classic and present a new suggestion each day – right through Christmas Eve.

Be sure to check our expanding list more than once or twice to find out which products make our list. Also, be sure to check out our full 2011 Holiday Buyer’s Guide!

Logitech H250 Stereo Headset : Ideal Stocking Stuffer for the Gamer on Your List

If you’re a gaming enthusiast looking to wrap your head around a great stereo headphone/microphone combo, then Logitech has an affordable solution that won’t break the bank, whether you are gifting a friend or yourself.

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Square Credit Card Reader: Giving Smartphones Credit Where It Is Due

Looking to add more financial smarts to your iPhone or Android smartphone? The Square Credit Card Reader add-on lets you swipe your way to swag, or use your smartphone to purchase a pizza or two by giving it a point of sale personality.

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Sony HMZ-T1 3D Video Goggles: An Eye Candy Experience that is Hard to Match!

Dual OLED high-resolution displays and virtualized 5.1 surround sound create an in-your-face viewing experience that is hard to match and definitely worth the relatively steep price tag of these 3D goggles.

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EasyTether by Mobile Stream: The Grinch Stole Tethering. Now, Steal it Back!

Carriers charge up to $30 per month for tethering privileges that allow users to share their smartphone data connection with a laptop or desktop over Wi-Fi. Cost-conscious consumers can avoid this fee by using this inexpensive and readily available Android app.

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iTwin: Remote PC Access Made Simple

Find yourself in the spirit to visit three or more computers this Christmas season? The iTwin USB device provides more than a ghost of an opportunity to connect to multiple computers or remote workstations.

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SnapSeed Mobile Photo Editing App: Put More Snap in Your Holiday Shots

What can you get for five bucks these days? If you are into taking digital snaps with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, a pretty good mobile photo editing app that can be used to create eye-catching shots.

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