12 Tech Days Of Christmas 2011

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Countdown to Christmas:
Noting What’s Nice in Yuletide Tech Gifts

Forget about partridges in pear trees, turtle doves or golden rings. What most tech heads want this Christmas season are computers, the latest software, and maybe a digital toy or two that is more bits and bytes than overpriced bauble.


Gifts that top holiday lists this year include the latest gaming notebooks (preferably with glasses-free 3D capabilities); slim and lightweight smartphones that are super-thin and boast eye-popping graphics; compact and highly-flexible digital cameras with remarkable still and hi-res video features; and printers that can keep pace with your cloud-based applications and activities.


With the Big Day just 12 days away, TechnologyGuide editors share some favorite gift suggestions that mix tech with tinsel, putting a new spin on the popular 12 Days of Christmas holiday song classic. We’ll add a new tech gift suggestion each day, right through Christmas Eve. So be sure to come back and check our list more than once or twice to find out what’s tops for the true tech in your life!

Rosetta Stone Spanish: Giving New Life to Language Learning

While most language programs rely on digital index cards and rote memorization, Rosetta Stone takes a more interactive approach to teach you to read, write and think in like a native speaker. It’s all about immersion, comprendé?

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Atari Arcade and Atari Greatest Hits App from Discovery Bay Games

Want to mix a little retro with your Rudolph this year? There is no better way than with the Atari Arcade and Atari Greatest Hits app. It’s totally rad, and a definitely tubular and gnarly pick for Christmas gaming.

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Skyrim Revamp Will Keep You Home and in the Game for the Holidays

Thousands of people will be fighting dragons, battling creatures, and giving their all to maintain order throughout the world this holiday season. No, it’s not the yuletide gathering of family. It’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the hot new game that is taking the is taking the industry by storm!

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Sifteo Cubes Make Gaming a Hands-On Experience

As technology progresses, electronics continue to get smaller and smaller. Just a few years ago, portable games were either big and bulky, or small and simplistic. No longer. The new Sifteo Cubes pack full-color LCDs, accelerometers, wireless networking, near field communication and more! With a unique take on gaming, these guys will make you think outside, inside and all around the box.

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Lilliput USB Monitor: A 7-Inch Annex for Your Screen

It happens all the time: You have too many windows open, too many programs running, and you just don’t have enough space on your single monitor to cram it all in. The Lilliput USB Monitor looks to ameliorate that problem. With its own built-in video card and no external power source, you can just install the drivers, plug it in a USB port, and bam! You’ve got yourself an extra 7-inch screen on which to put your music player, messaging program, spreadsheet, or anything else you can think of.

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LifeProof Swimming Headphone Adapter: Taking Your Tunes into the Yule Pool

Want to take your music or audio books into the surf or pool? Check out LifeProof’s waterproof headphone adapter that can be used with the company’s protective cases to get your iPhone into the swim of things without too much risk of jumping into warranty-voiding hot water.

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