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  • Great base service
  • Solid stat tracking
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    • Lacks polish
    • Time-consuming
    • Requires multiple account setups

By Dustin Sklavos

TubeMogul is pretty simple: upload your video to them, and they spider it out to just about every social media site under the sun. Does TubeMogul multiply your video exposure, or just your publishing headaches? We break it down in this review.

The majority of the consumer and professional video sharing sites I’ve reviewed are part of the battery of sites TubeMogul uploads to, and they hit all the major bases as well: YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, and so on. On top of it all, TubeMogul tracks viewership to varying degrees, and adds additional services depending on whether or not you’re willing to fork out the cash for them.

Handling these past two roundups has been enlightening. I remember not too long ago being skeptical of the internet as the future of video distribution; I had a broadband internet connection at home, but video compression left a heck of a lot to be desired, even assuming the video was able to stream properly and not have to heavily buffer.

But the times they are a-changin’, and the extremely low cost of being able to record basic video coupled with the breadth of options on the internet have made it possible for just about anyone to become a star in their own minds. Video blogs, small backyard productions, and my personal favorite — cat videos — are all easy to make and now, with services like TubeMogul, very easy to distribute.


Signing up for TubeMogul is as simple as signing up for most any other site. Pick a username, password, attach it to an e-mail address, follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail, and you’re good to go.

From there, TubeMogul’s internal dashboard is extremely simple. TubeMogul has additional features, but really does function almost entirely as a mass-uploading service between several different video sites.

TubeMogul uploaderBefore spidering out your video, you need to upload it directly to TubeMogul in one of a relative few formats. I suspect the low number of acceptable file formats has something to do with the sheer volume of sites TubeMogul uploads your video to, but at least the usual suspects are accounted for without any major, glaring omissions. You’re limited to a file no greater than 300MB in size, which should only be a major problem if you’re trying to upload uncompressed video.

While uploading the video, you need to title it, provide a description, and add a number of tags to it. The upload page will even show you how your tags will be formatted on each individual site, and it’s worth mentioning that while some sites don’t care if you tag your video or not, others demand at least one or two.

Once your video is done uploading, TubeMogul brings you to their massive distribution page. From there things get a little bit tricky.

If I may rant for a minute, part of the problem with all of these social networks is that they all want a login and password and, in order to use TubeMogul’s big feature, you need accounts set up with every single site you want to upload video to. Unfortunately, TubeMogul doesn’t have a simple “sign up for everything” service either, so going and doing the footwork on all of these different sites will be time-consuming. You’ll also probably want to configure each account individually, which could take even more time.

TubeMogul distributionNone of that, up front, is TubeMogul’s fault. Where things get complicated is in the use of “tokens” for certain sites to allow uploads, and then an actual formal application to TubeMogul (answered within twenty-four hours of course!) to unlock several other sites to upload to. I’m not surprised at the level of complication and it’s probably mitigated about as well as it could be, but that doesn’t make things feel any easier.

Thankfully, TubeMogul lets you save all of your logins and credentials to their servers so you don’t have to constantly relogin whenever you want to spider out a video, but the more conservative individuals out there may feel at least a little uncomfortable having the overwhelming majority of their social networking and media passwords stored on a single service.

Each video has a master page that lists all the sites you’re distributing to and the status on each one, but you have to constantly refresh the page to see what’s going on and that’s not something I’m really happy with. It seems like a minor nuisance but given the series of minor nuisances up until this point, something a little more streamlined would’ve been appreciated instead of constantly having to click the “refresh” button on the page.

Tubemogul uploadingYou’re also going to wind up at the mercy of the individual sites you’re distributing to (to say nothing of their terms of service), so while my upload to Blip.TV appeared almost instantly, I found myself waiting for over an hour for the YouTube upload to be confirmed. TubeMogul isn’t for the impatient types, but it’s still a big time saver if you wanted to spread your creative talents across the World Wide Web.

As mentioned, TubeMogul offers tracking features of varying degrees of complexity to determine just who’s watching your stuff. Unfortunately, this is very difficult for me to test as my sample upload would have to be something people would actually watch as opposed to a means of testing how video uploads are handled, and I’d have to stare at it for a few weeks to see if anything came together. But the site’s basic stat-tracking should be familiar to anyone who’s handled their own website.


While I think the stat tracking — which seems to be a large part of where TubeMogul aims to earn their income — is definitely nice, the meat of the service is still going to be the major distribution between other video networks. To that end, TubeMogul certainly works well, and no other site that I’m aware of distributes to this sheer number of sites. If you’ve made something that absolutely everyone must see, I can’t think of a better way to get it out to the world than TubeMogul.


  • Great base service
  • Solid stat tracking


  • Lacks polish
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires multiple account setups



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