Single Click Filing for Microsoft Outlook Review

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  • Pros

    • One-click filing key allows for quick organization
    • Filing shortcuts further simplify the process
    • Easy to use folder system
  • Cons

    • License code is emailed to you

Caelo’s Single Click Filing software promises to take your Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 email inbox and transform it into an organized system with a few “single clicks.” If tons of email messages keep flooding your mailbox, looking into this add-in tool might prove very useful to you. It certainly did for me.

(Important note: You must have a license for Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 for this software to work.)

Caelo’s Single Click Filing for Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 can be extremely helpful to those of us who get lots of messages which we’re likely to need at some point in the future. On its own, Outlook can create folders and subfolders. However, unlike Single Click Filing, Outlook does not have the ability to create toolbar buttons for folders, or to file a message into a folder in one click.

Caelo released the first version of Single Click Filing in March of this year, and version 1.2 in mid-June. The new edition of the add-in is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2010, along with the previously supported Outlook 2003 and 2007. The latest version also introduces three major new features, including a revamped “Folder Tree” for displaying your most reccently used folders; a new “Any Folder” button for quickly placing messages into existing Outlook folders; and “Backspace Key Configuration”, for using the backspace key to send an e-mail to a folder containing your most frequently used messages.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Outlook software at all, the Single Click Filing add-in should be a breeze. The download and installation process didn’t take very long for me, at all. It shouldn’t for you either, unless you’re on a 2G wireless connection or some other slow link.

You must enter your license code and access key before using the Single Click Filing software. The first thing you’ll want do after installation and a system restart is to click the “Single Click Filing” button that now appears in the upper left-hand corner of Outlook. After that, you click, “Configure Buttons.” This windows is where the magic starts.

The “Configure Buttons” functionality allows you to create individual buttons within Outlook that will act, in effect, as extra folders, so email messages can be organized however you’d like. Afterwards, you can choose the location of the folder within Outlook and any name under the sun. When the buttons for the folders have been created, they will appear in the Outllook toolbar. I found this function very simple to use. It is indeed a very effective way of managing your e-mail messages.

The “Configure” screen also has functions for enabling the backspace key. When enabled, you can set (or un-set) the backspace key as the “one click” function, permitting the current email message to be filed with that key into an already created  “frequently used messages” folder. This nifty tool makes for one-second decision making, which is nice while you’re busy at work. Other options allow you to enable keyboard shortcuts, change the single click filing button name, and add either numbered icons to buttons or button separators. These options can further streamline the filing process. For example, the keyboard shortcuts give you another way of quickly filing messages in folders.

The new “Any Folder” button in version 1.2 lets you file messages into any existing Outlook folder. For the record, while “Any Folder” worked automatically in the actual Outlook software, it conversely took about 15 seconds for the function to be applied to the Web version of Microsoft Outlook (in a browser).

Also on the “Any Folder” button, you’ll find a “Folder Tree” which lists your most recently used folders. This is a reference tool for finding out where you have tucked your most recently filed messages. Folder Tree can spare you from looking through myriad folders if you don’t recall where you’ve just filed a message. New folder icons in Folder Tree help to ease this procedure.

Caelo’s Single Click Filing for Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 offers tools for successfully organizing email filing. If your inbox is constantly overloaded, I highly recommend that you check out this add-in. It provides easy “single click” filing of email messages, with the ability to create filing buttons that act as shortcuts for placing messages in your folders. The only complaint I have is that when you purchase a license, the license code gets emailed to you. This isn’t exactly the best retrieval method.

The Single Click Filing add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available now for $9.95 through Caelo (taxes may be applicable). You can also try the add-in free of charge for 14 days.


  • One-click filing key allows for quick organization
  • Filing shortcuts further simplify the process
  • Easy to use folder system


  • License code is emailed to you



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