Targus Cut Resistant DEFCON Armor Lock Review

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by Caleb Schmerge


Imagine the worst thing that could happen to your new baby, your new laptop baby that is.  You go to the coffee shop to try out the new wireless and enjoy a cup of Java.  So you sit down, and of course you forgot the sugar.  In the time it takes you to get your sugar, its gone, the laptop that is.  Someone managed to get your laptop and leave the coffee shop.  What do you do?  All of your data, your pictures, your music, your life is gone.

Now imagine that you decided to buy a notebook lock, and this time the thief was caught by someone else, and your laptop was safe.  Some people don’t like notebook locks, but they have their use.  Simple to use, relatively inexpensive, and potentially capable of saving your laptop, a notebook lock is probably one of the best investments you can make for your new computer.


One of the most important features of a notebook lock is its construction.  There is little point in buying a lock if it can’t prevent theft (maybe it’s a deterrent, but I would risk it).  This lock is built well and has many nice features.  First, it has a nice loop at one end, to allow you to secure the lock to a table, or any suitable anchor.  The loop is made with a heavy block that doesn’t seem like it will come loose.  At the other end, the piece that connects to the laptop is rotatable (across several axis), and feels well built.  The lock has a changeable combination, and comes with rubber sizing disks to ensure a tight fit with your computer.  The cable itself has a core made of a heavy cable, covered by rings (to prevent cutting), all covered by rubber (to give it a nice feel).  The lock will move around, allowing you to lock your computer in nearly any situation, but it isn’t too flimsy to cause worry.


This lock definitely look better than most.  Some locks are just a steel cable with a rubber cover that may be easy to cut.  This lock provides a much heavier duty look.  While I didn’t try to cut the lock (sorry, no cutters), it definitely gives the sense that it isn’t a joke.  If you locked your laptop with this, most people wouldn’t bother trying to get it off, especially if there was anyone else around.  This is probably the best thing a lock can do.  If no one tries to steal your computer, I consider that a job well done.


This lock is very easy to operate.  Simply enter your combination and press the button, then either put the lock in your computer, or take it out.  When you are done, change the numbers so no one can take your computer, and you are done.  The numbers are easy to see, and easy to lineup (there is a little window you see them through, no more guess where they go).  This lock operates smoothly, and I have no concern of it getting stuck in my computer at all.


One of the worst things you could do is lose the key to your computer lock.  Not only would you look like a thief yourself, you might have a lot of trouble getting the lock out of your computer.  Not to mention, having to carry an extra key is a lot of hassle.  This lock avoids all of this with a simple 4-digit, user changeable combination.  This makes it easy for you to remember, and assures you that you won’t lose the key (unless of course you lose your mind).  The other benefit to this is that if someone gets the combination, you can simply change it.

Changing the combination is also a simple process, you simply enter the current combination, then turn a screw, enter the new combination, then turn the screw back to its original position.  15 seconds for your own personalized notebook lock.  What more could you ask for?


I have used this lock quite a few times at the University Library, many times in areas where there aren’t many people.  As far as I can tell, no one even attempted to take my computer while I was gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend just leaving your laptop sitting somewhere.  The best offense is a good defense; don’t give someone the chance to steal your computer. But, if it has to happen, this notebook lock is a good option for preventing theft.  It is easy to use, provides a solid image, and you don’t have to worry about a key.


  • Keyless/Changeable Combination
  • Nice Construction/Quality
  • Theft Deterrence


  • Could cause Damage to Computer
  • Expensive



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