Sumdex Women’s Laptop Bag Review (pics)

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I received the Sumdex “She Rules” bag about a month ago, right when my busy season started.  Therefore, I have been carrying my laptop back and forth & have been using this bag to carry it around.  My review is based on one month’s use.  The color of my bag is Copper Red, though I prefer to call it dark orange!

Sumdex Tina Metro Brief Laptop Bag

Information from Sumdex website:

Laptop Bag specifications:

  • Bag Name: Tina Metro Brief (NON-905)
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 12″ x 2.5″
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Colors Available: Black, Copper Red, Grey, and Tan
  • MSRP: $95.00
  • Made of high denier Micro Cross-Lock Nylon with Top Grain Leather trims
  • Zippered main compartment with front flap pocket & back slash pocket.
  • Interior organizer and workstation, detachable shoulder strap
  • 2 bonus gifts: Personal Safety Light and Detachable Cosmetic Case
  • Computer ready, fits most 15.2″ screen laptop PCs.
  • Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty

First Impression

When I first opened up the box for this bag I was a bit surprised.  Having never seen a woman’s laptop bag before, I thought that a woman’s laptop bag might look less like a laptop bag and more like a regular woman’s shoulder bag, only with the cushiony protection.  This is not exactly the case however as I am pretty sure people looking at this bag will know there’s a laptop inside.

The Main Compartment

The bag I received was a darkish orange (copper red, as Sumdex calls it) on the outside & grey on the inside.  The color scheme matches very nicely & it is such a fun change from the professional black.  This color is appropriate for both guys and girls.  As a matter of fact, I think the only thing that gives it away that it’s a woman’s bag are the 2 olive-green handles on top.  Everything else pretty much look like standard laptop bags.  The fabric is made of a nice durable material that would you find on standard laptop bags.  The cushioning feels adequate, but not thick as to make the bag bulky.

Bag main compartment with IBM ThinkPad T22 laptop inside

This bag is quite light & the zippers open from the top, which I love.  I am using the bag to carry my IBM Thinkpad T22 back and forth for work.  On its website, it says that the bag is able to hold up to 15.2″ screen sized laptops.  My laptop fit perfectly in the laptop compartment with a bit of extra room for miscellaneous items.

There is an additional slot on the back of the bag if you needed to put in the last minute paper or if you’re too lazy to open up the bag again.  The back is also closed with the use of hidden magnets.  This slot is very useful for me.  I usually stick my magazine in there.  Once I’m in the subway, I can easily take it out to read and stick it back in quickly on my way out.

The Outside Compartment

Though there is definitely room inside the main compartment to hold batteries and other accessories, even with the laptop inside, it’s likely you’ll want to use the outside compartment for holding all the laptop accessories to prevent them from bumping and scratching the laptop.  I was able to fill up the outside compartment with the laptop batteries, a numberpad, and a mouse.  The outside has slots for pens, floppy disks, business cards, and small items, but after fitting in all my laptop accessories, it was hard to get things from the slots because the outside compartment became very tight.

Don’t throw in small little things like keys, lipgloss, pen, ID card, or other things you think you might need while traveling.  It was a nightmare trying to reach for my keys under all that mess of wires from the accessories.

The outside flap is closed with the use of hidden magnets inside the fabric, which is much quieter than Velcro.  After putting my accessories in, it was a bit too bulky for the magnets to hold the compartment closed.

The 2 Hand Handles

The 2 hand handles seems to be made of high quality leather.  However, I would have liked it more if they made the 2 handles a bit longer so that I can carry it on my shoulder.  There is a shoulder strap included, but I think things definitely feel much lighter if I carry it over my shoulder, and have the bag closer to me.  Holding a laptop by the handles drags you down and makes you feel tired quickly.  And sometimes, it feels clumsy & bulky to use the shoulder strap and have the bag dangling midway.

Bonus Accessories

The bag also came with a very cute little flashlight that shines blue and a cosmetic bag.  The personal safety light looked very high quality as it felt kind of heavy (in the good well-built kind of way).  The first click causes the light to shine a steady blue light.  The second click causes the light to shine a flashing blue.  The third click turns it off.   I opted not to carry the flashlight (it’s not gone to waste…I put it away with my small little cute treasures to take out & look at from time to time).  The cosmetic bag was also taken out since I prefer to be a minimalist & keep things as light as possible.

The blue flashlight is included for free with the Sumdex case


The bag I have sells from a MSVP of $95.00, which I think is a little high, for a computer bag.  The bag looks very fun, young and fresh.  I am just not quite sure if the really high-powered executives would want to carry this bag, while the young adults that this bag appeals to might not necessarily be willing to pay $95.00 for a laptop bag.  I think $50 would be a more reasonable price tag, but if you’re willing to spend a little more for something different and stylish then this is certainly a bag worth investing in.

Full Picture Gallery Overview

Click this link to get a full image gallery overview of this Sumdex women’s laptop bag.

Overall Impression

I definitely like this bag much more than my hum-drum company provided one.  It’s light and it’s cute.  The first day I carried it, one of my co-workers said it was such a cute bag and that she wanted to get a bag just like it because she also says the company provided bag is too bulky and huge.  Naturally, I told her about Sumdex and their bags.  And no I’m not a Sumdex company spokesperson, that event really happened, and I encourage other women out there to take a look at the Sumdex line of womens’ laptop carrying cases ( if they’ve been stuck with an ugly black nylon company issued carrying case too!



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