Razer Deathadder Mouse Review

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by Blake Bonfiglio


Razer is a gaming company that is becoming a force to be reckoned with among gamers all over the world. They make nearly every peripheral imaginable to enchance your gaming experience.

Technical Specs

The Razer Deathadder, being the latest addition to Razer’s arsenal boasts some impressive features.

  • Ergonomic Right-Handed Design
  • 1800 DPI 3G Infrared Sensor – 2.25x faster than standard optical mice
  • 5 Programmable, Ultra-Large, Hyperresponse buttons
  • 16-Bit, Ultra-Wide data channel
  • Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
  • Award Winning On-The-Fly Sensitivity Drivers
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • Always-On Instant response

Reasons For Buying

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I have thouroughly used and abuse both my Razer Diamondback and Razer Copperhead for quite some time now. I just decided to move higher up in the food chain and get my hands on their latest and greatest product. While their are other great mice out there, I have never once been dissapointed with any of Razer’s mice, and already being comfortable with their design, which I much prefer over any other mice, decided to stick with them over another company.

Where and How Purchased

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I purchased my Deathadder as soon as it was possbile directly through Razer Zone. I was one of the first customers on the pre-order list on their site. Once they had them in stock, they sent them out to all those who had pre-ordered before anyone else, along with a Razer T-Shirt.

It is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.com for $60.

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This is the part that makes the Deathadder uniquely different from its brothers. Razer mice always favor a symmetrical design, equally easy to use for Right and Left Handed gamers. The Deathadder, however, is an exception. It has an ergonomic Right-Handed design. It fits well into my hand, and is comfortable to use for everything, from everyday tasks to intense gaming. Another way this mouse differs from its predecessors, the Diamondback and Copperhead, is the number of buttons. There are only 5 buttons featured on the Deathadder while the other two offer 7. This is no cheat to the customer however, as the 2 side buttons on the Deathadder are positioned in such a way that if feels unnatural not to use them. The buttons on the two previous models were there for use, but not easily so. The Deathadder overcomes this problem, and gives you a total of 5 very comfortable and usable buttons, as opposed to cramming more on there as a novelty item. Razer mice have become known for their brilliant LEDs. In comparison to other models, the Deathadder is much lower key, and less flashy. The only source of light comes from the scroll wheel, and Razer Logo located on the palm rest area, both of which glow blue, giving the mouse a refined, yet understated look. The mouse feels as if it has a rubber coating on the outside, similar to the Copperhead. Normally only found on the buttons, Razer went above and beyond and included it over the whole mouse. It gives the mouse a ton of grip, while surprisingly, still keeping your hand cool.

Peformance and Feautures

The Razer Deathadder is one of the most technologically advanced mice in existence. It feautures an 1800 DPI, 3G infrared sensor. Razer claims that this allows you to move up to 2.25x faster than a standard optical mouse, and for once, marketing hype lives up to what it says. This mouse is in a class all its own. As with all Razer mice, the Deathadder features On-The-Fly sensitivity control. Whether you feel like sniping, or running wildly with an automatic weapon in game, you never have to worry about reverting to your options menu to change the sensitivity. Razer allows you to do this in the middle of everything via its drivers, which allow you to program the switches to any button you desire. An often overlooked, but critical feature about mice in general, and an area Razer refuses to skimp in, is the length of the cord. Razer’s mice include a 7 foot cord, allowing you to comfortably use and maneuver your mouse in virtually every feasible desktop setup.  The cord features a gold plated USB connector, supposedly for maximum conductivity. I can’t say whether this makes a difference or not, but the mouse doesn’t skip a beat, so either way is fine with me. Combine all of these stunning features together, and you have one of the best, if not the king, of gaming mice in reagards to performance.


While having every quality to be the best gaming mouse on the market, the Deathadder just didn’t do it for me. I am devoted to the symmetrical design that the Diamondback and Copperhead both employ. The Deathadder is extremely comfortable, don’t get me wrong, it is just a matter of personal preference. For many, this might have been the solution that helped bridge the gap from the fear of having to get used to a symmetrical design, and finally allowed them to come over to Razer to enjoy their products. All in all though, the Deathadder is a diehard gamer’s mouse, and is a true performer through and through. You would be hard pressed as a right handed user to find anything better for any need, not just gaming.


  • Very high DPI, uncommon on most mice
  • 3G Infrared tracking engine
  • Rubber Coated
  • Easy to use, programmable buttons
  • On the Fly Sensitivity control


  • Steep price tag
  • Different shape from other Razer mice might be a turnoff for long-time Razer users
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