Kensington Ci70LE and Ci75m Wireless Mouse Review

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If you are searching the market for a new mouse for your notebook, look no further. Kensington recently introduced their Ci70LE and Ci75m wireless mice. These trendy little mice are a must have for users who travel frequently and prefer to use a mouse over their touchpad. They also come in a wide variety of colors to match your lifestyle.

Kensington’s Ci75m wireless mouse on the left and the Ci70LE wireless mouse on the right. (view large image)

The Ci70LE and the Ci75m have many of the same features and specs considering they share the same design platform. They are both part of Kensington’s Ci Lifestyle Collection, which is aimed toward mobile users. That is why the design is so sleek and they are lightweight. Mobile users don’t want something that takes up space. They both are PC and Mac compatible, have 27 MHz wireless, Performance Optical sensor (1000 dpi) and a low battery indicator light on the scroll wheel.


  • Up to 35% thinner than a standard mouse
  • Back-up power for wireless or USB powered operation on the Ci75m only
  • Automatic sleep state conserves power and protects the optical sensor
  • Sleek, ergonomic design provides comfort and mobility
  • Symmetrical design works with both right and left hand
  • Performance Optical Sensor
  • The Ci70LE is (4.5"L x 0.75"H x 2.5"W)
  • The Ci75m is (4.25"L x 0.65"H x 2.5"W)

Look and Feel

The Ci70LE is a little larger than the Ci75m, but it doesn’t weigh much more. They both are made of plastic, which gives them that cheap feel, but they are very lightweight. As you can see from the photographs, the Ci70LE is shiny, I mean it reflects light from every angle. If you are impartial to the rouge color, it also comes in platinum, which is less reflective. The Ci75m comes in your choice of black, green or orange and it has a nice rubber like mating around the outside that gives it better grip.

The Ci70LE (view large image) The Ci75m (view large image)


If you are running low on battery power the Ci75m can connect via the USB cable that is included inside its shell and it’s also beneficial when you are somewhere you can’t use the wireless feature. As for the Ci70LE, well the only thing its USB cable is for is giving more range for the wireless connectivity, like if you were attached to a desktop.

Since both mice have that flat design, it can be awkward to use if you are used to a mouse that conforms to your hand, but they glide smoothly and are responsive. These mice aren’t made to be desktop replacements anyway, they are for users on-the-go. After I got used to the plasticity and flat design I had no problems using them.

Inside the Ci75m shell you find the USB cord. (view large image) The USB cord for the Ci70LE (view large image)



Both mice perform about the same. After all, they offer the same features. As I mentioned earlier they glide smoothly on and off a mouse pad and are responsive. I didn’t have any problems with the tracking either, it was just as responsive and accurate. The only problem I came across was with the receiver.

Comparison between the Ci75m, Logitech Bluetooth mouse and the Ci70LE. (view large image)

First off, it sticks out about three inches from your USB port, which isn’t necessary because I have seen smaller receivers that work just as well. If there is too much space between the receiver and the mouse though than the mouse is non-responsive. You shouldn’t have to worry about this because when would you be using your mouse two feet away from your notebook.

The Ci70LE compared to the Logitech. (view large image) The Ci75m compared to the Logitech. (view large image)


However the Ci70LE has a USB cable to extend the reach of the wireless mouse and receiver, which is nice if you do need that extra space. The buttons worked as expected. I didn’t have any problems with the right click or left click buttons. The scroll wheel was easy to use too and doubled as a tool for vertical scrolling. Overall, they are just your standard mice, great for traveling not gaming.

Battery Life

Only having the mice for about two weeks, I couldn’t test the battery life completely. Kensington claims that the Ci70LE has a six month battery life and I am sure the Ci75m is probably close to the same. The Ci75m has AAA batteries instead of AA like in the Ci70LE, but the Ci75m can be connected with the attached USB cord, so if the batteries die you have a back-up. Both mice have a battery indicator light, so you know when there is only a little power left and when you attach the receiver they automatically turn off.

Under side view of the Ci70LE. (view large image) Under side view of the Ci75m. (view large image)



Both mice performed very well for being your standard mice. The sleek design is compact and great for traveling. I mean the mice hardly take up any space and whatever weight they added I didn’t notice. Although their not as rugged as some other mice, so I wouldn’t recommend slamming them around and they probably can’t take many accidental drops. They are responsive and comfortable to use once you get used to the feel. The Ci75m has that nice rubber gripping, which I liked more than the all plastic Ci70LE, but that is just my preference. The eye catching colors are trendy and can brighten up your office.


  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatically turns off when receiver attached
  • Sleek design
  • Great response
  • Variety of colors


  • May be uncomfortable for users with larger hands
  • Receiver is quite large

Available for Purchase

Both the Ci70LE and Ci75m are available on Kensington’s website. Many brick and mortar stores carry Kensington products as well, if you need one of these mice right away.




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