Aukey KM-C4 Gaming Mouse Review

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  • Pros

    • Adjustable Weights
    • Attractive Design
    • Solid performance
  • Cons

    • No download for software
    • Mouse loses a great deal of utility without packaged software

Quick Take

An attractive gaming mouse that offers a nice balance between performance and affordability.

When it comes to the gaming industry it’s rather easy to write off the unknown. There are so many established brands that continue to offer great products, that it can become difficult to give lesser-known entities a chance. The Aukey KM-C4 Gaming Mouse is such a device. While Aukey does have more than a few peripherals under their belt, the company is hardly known for their gaming hardware. But that doesn’t mean the brand is anything to scoff at. The KM-C4 provides surprising value with a comfortable, durable design and consistent performance all for the affordable price of $35.

Typically entry-level peripherals aren’t known for their design, but the Aukey KM-C4 is actually quite the looker. The Aukey KM-C4 features a clean attractive design with a dark gray hard plastic shell that runs the length of the device. A thick glossy black plastic strip splits the two mouse buttons. As a cool little addition, the KM-C4 houses “Aukey” LED-backlit lettering along the strip. The LED lettering not only looks great but helps to indicate which of the dots per inch (DPI) setting the mouse is currently in. Just above the thick black plastic strip is a thick textured metallic mouse wheel. The thick wheel textured surface makes it really easy to grip and turn. Like most gaming devices, the scroll wheel also doubles as an additional button.  The wheel offers excellent travel, providing a nice audible pop when compressed.

Just below the mouse wheel are two silver buttons that by default adjust the mouse’s DPI levels. Three more mouse buttons (for a total of eight adjustable buttons including the mouse buttons) can be found along the left-hand side of the mouse. The two standard mouse buttons jet out to provide a nice resting spot for your thumb. The third mouse buttons (which is defaulted to double-click) divides the two other buttons sitting just enough them. The circular compressed design again makes this button really comfortable for your thumb to rest on and press. Having a third mouse button may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a godsend in certain types of games like MMO’s where you have a cornucopia of abilities. The added flexibility to map another ability to your mouse is a welcomed feature.

The bottom of the mouse is comprised of silver titanium metal with four black plastic pads. The metal frame drops off near the rear of the device to allow room for the LED under glow lighting to show through. The look is reminiscent of a souped-up sports car. Luckily the LED lights can be toggled on and off in case you want a more understated aesthetic. The black plastic pads allow for smooth travel, as I found the mouse was easy to control on both my hardwood desk, hardcover desk protector, and soft cushioned mouse pad.

Perhaps my favorite feature of this mouse is the removable weights located along the back end. A small twist cover houses four removable weights. Weight is actually a really important element to finding the perfect gaming mouse, and unfortunately, it’s a feature that often gets overlooked. The adjustable weights of the Aukey KM-C4 let you more finely tune to the weight of the mouse to fit your specific needs.  

Another really attractive element of the Aukey KM-C4 is how simple and streamlined it feels. Sure, adjustable features can be great, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. The Aukey KM-C4’s package software is lightweight and simple to use. There are four programmable DPI settings that can be altered in intervals of 250 ranging from 250 to 4,000, along with two programmable key profiles, and RGB lighting effects. The software loads instantly and only takes a few seconds to set everything up. Best of all it’s really lightweight, meaning it won’t bog down your computer and affect your performance.

The only notable downside is that Aukey does not seem to offer the paired software online, meaning you’re going to need to have a CD drive to install it. Luckily the software doesn’t take up that much memory (only 2.4KB in total), so if you have any device with a disc drive it should be easy enough to move onto a USB or even email it to another device. The device works perfectly fine without the software, but users won’t be able to change the programmable keys or adjust the DPI settings without them.

Some affordable mice will cut corners with a laser sensor, luckily Aukey does not and opts for a full-featured optical sensor. The Aukey KM-C4 houses 4,000 DPI optical sensor with a 1000hz polling rate. If you’re looking for the best performance possible an optical sensor is a must. The Aukey KM-C4 performs really well and is flexible. Having tried the device on a number of surfaces, including a hardwood desk, a hard plastic mouse pad, and a thick soft cushioned pad; you can expect the device to work on practically any surface. Though NBR would recommend that you use a soft-cover pad if possible. While the mouse worked on every surface we tried, the tracking was more controlled and consistent on the soft-cover pad.

For a $35 mouse, the Aukey C4-KM offers excellent performance. Having tested the device in a number of matches of Overwatch I was impressed by how smooth the tracking and snap positioning. The mouse performed just as well on characters like Soldier and Bastion that want to trace and outline opponents as it did on Widowmaker quickly snapping onto a target’s head. The sensor isn’t quite as smooth as high-end competitors like the Razer DeathAdder Elite, but it also comes in at nearly half the price. For an affordable gaming mouse, the Aukey KM-C4 performs incredibly well and will serve you much better than your standard laser sensor peripheral.

Final Thoughts

The Aukey KM-C4 is one of the great hidden gems of the gaming peripheral market. With a clean attractive design, loads of programmable buttons, and a solid sensor the mouse delivers on just about every front. If you’re a hardcore fps player you may want to opt for a more expensive mouse that is going to have a fine-tuned sensor for perfect accuracy, but the Aukey KM-C4 performs incredibly well for its price range. The only real concern is the lack of a digital download for the software. A lot of the mouse’s utility, including the ability to program the mouse’s buttons and alter the DPI settings is tied to the software. So those of you who don’t have access to a disc drive may want to consider an alternative option. However, for those of you that do, this is an excellent entry-level gaming mouse.


  • Adjustable Weights
  • Attractive Design
  • Solid performance


  • No download for software
  • Mouse loses a great deal of utility without packaged software



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