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Samsung Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Great, but a Small Step Up

The Samsung Galaxy S IV may be a marginal upgrade from its predecessor, but is it still impressive enough to edge out the rest of the Android competition? Read full article

Samsung Review

Samsung Galaxy S IV Review: The International Version

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is a certainly a high-quality Android handset, but is it enough of an upgrade to convince GS III users to upgrade? Read full article

Nokia Review

Nokia Lumia 920 Review: A Worthy Flagship

Nokia is back for a second try with a Windows Phone. With a new OS and improved set of hardware, does this one deliver? Read full article

HTC Review

HTC One US Review: A Beauty and a Beast

Style and power come together in the form of the HTC One, which has already become an early frontrunner for Android smartphone of the year. Read full article

HTC Review

HTC One Review: The International Version

The new HTC One flagship smartphone has the potential to make a real splash in the Android market with the way it brings excellence to the table in nearly all[...] Read full article

Samsung Review

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Review: Take No Chances

Every now and then, a phone comes along that completely changes the landscape of technology. Whether it's because of a unique design or groundbreaking software, sometimes a new phone can[...] Read full article

Sony Review

Sony Xperia Z Review: Multimedia Powerhouse

Sony is back in the cutting-edge smartphone business with the Xperia Z. Its 5-inch screen has an amazing resolution, and it just might be the fastest phone available. Read full article

BlackBerry Review

BlackBerry Z10 Review: A Much-Needed Reboot

The BlackBerry Z10 kicks off the new generation of BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones. Has it been worth the wait? Read full article

Google Review

Google Nexus 4 Review: Good Smartphone, Great Price

The Google Nexus 4 is the flagship model for Android 4.2. It's made by LG and has surprisingly high-end features, given its price. Read full article

HTC Review

HTC Droid DNA Review: Once and Future King?

The Droid DNA is HTC's most feature-rich smartphone ever, boasting a mind boggling 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 screen, along with a quad-core processor and very reasonable price tag. Can it[...] Read full article