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Overview & Introduction

Sager has unleashed its latest 17″ widescreen desktop replacement notebook called the Sager 5760. It has the latest Intel Core Duo (Yonah) CPU, ability to hold up to 4GB RAM, and the powerful nVidia go7900GTX with 256mb of memory. It is practically the upgraded version of the Sager 5720. This is another great machine that Sager has released that would make any gamer very happy due to its power under the hood and the beauty of its sleek design.

Sager 5760 (view large image)

Sager 5760 specs as reviewed:


Microsoft Windows XP MCE 2005


Intel Core Duo T2500 2.0GHz Processor (Yonah / 2 MB L2 Cache / 677 FSB)

Core Logic

Intel 945PM chipset + ICH7M


2048 MB DDR2 (667 MHz) Memory (1024 MB x 2) (Max RAM 4GB)



Hard Drive

100 GB Hitachi HDD (7200 RPM) SATA

Card Reader

Built-in 4-in-1 Card Reader (MS/MSPRO/SD/MMC)


17″ (16:10) WSXGA+ (1680×1050) Glare (Glossy) Type Display

Graphics Card

nVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX 256MB GDDR3

Modular Bay

8X DVD R/RW / 4X+Dual Layer / 5X DVD-RAM / CD-RW Multi Drive (Pioneer DVR-k16)

Audio System

Built-in 8ch Azalia Sound System (with 8 external speakers output without Ext. decoder)

Front Panel AUDIO DJ CD Player with MP3 Support

S/PDIF Digital output

SRS WOW support

1 Built-in Microphone

2 Built-in Speakers


1 Express Card 54 Slot

Pointing Device

Integrated Touchpad With 4 Way Scroll Button


Full Sized Keyboard with Numeric Key Pad

Windows 95 2 Hot keys

Integrated with Hot Keys for LCD Brightness, Suspend, Panel/CRT Display


1x Infrared Communication, FIR, SIR and ASK Compliant

1x DVI Port

4x USB 2.0 Ports

4x multi-function Audio Jacks

1x 16c550 Compatible Serial Port

1x RJ-45 LAN (10/100/1000Mbps)

1x RJ-11 Modem

1x IEEE 1394a Fire Wire

1x S-video TV-Out

1x TV-in Port (Requires Optional TV-Tuner Module not included)

Power System

1 Lithium-Ion Battery (8Cell)

Full Range Auto-Switching 100V/240V AC Adapter

Power Management

System Management Mode (SMM)

Suspend to HDD / DRAM

Full features of SMI Power Management, Doze, Sleep, Suspend/Resume Mode

Options Included

Intel 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini-ePCI interface

Built-in Bluetooth Module

Built-in Digital Video Camera; 1.3 Mega Pixels

Physical Characteristic

8.35LBs With Battery

15.6″(w) x 11.5″(d) x 1″ ~ 1.8″ (h)


Lifetime toll-free technical support

2-year limited on-site extended warranty & help desk (3yrs Total)

3-Year Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) for entire system

Total Cost


Reasons for Buying:

Main use of this laptop is for gaming and also to entertain myself by trying to learn PhotoShop and other activities I can use my laptop for while I am at work. So I decided to buy the Sager 5760 after a year long research on what laptop to buy as my very 1st. I have checked out the Alienware M7700, Dell XPS M170 & M1710 and various other laptops prior to making my final decision. I have learned a lot on my research and even found out that the Sager are actually just rebranded Clevo’s. I even noticed that many “Boutique Shops” get their laptops from their respective ODM (or is it OEM) and just rebrand it then adding whatever customization and sticker price for the same machine. I found the Sager’s to be the best in value and performance and why I chose to get a Sager in the end.

The Clevo M570U (aka Sager 5760) had everything I was looking for in a gaming machine. Portable, sleek looking and able to take on the latest games available. The best part about it is that I just found out the 5760 is upgradeable to the Intel Core Duo 2 (Merom) CPU without even needing a BIOS, just an easy swap of the processors once Merom becomes available. Another great upgrade plan is the availability of the nVidia Go 7900GTX 512mb that is planned to be released as early as this July for the 5760!

Where and How Purchased:

5760 in packaging (view large image) 5760 packaging opened (view large image)

5760 wrapped and free laptop bag (view large image) 5760 unpacked with accessories (view large image)

Finally decided to buy the Sager 5760 from, which has been very helpful in the month prior to actually buying it from them. It was the best place for my needs as just closed shop prior to the release of the 5760. was my 2nd choice as they also have competitive rates like PCT and also have an Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Policy that I needed. I have a 3yr. old son at home and I personally felt that the extra cost for the 3yr Extended Warranty and 3yr ADP is essential for this expensive investment.

Build & Design:

5760 front view in the light. (view large image) 5760 front view in the dark.(view large image)

The Sager 5760 looks very beautiful for a desktop replacement notebook. It feels sturdy enough and does not feel that it will fall apart anytime soon from handling it. It does have a noticeable flex on the palm rest, which is probably due to the optical drive underneath it, but is not noticeable enough when you are actually using the laptop. There is also a slight flex in the middle of the screen if you try to twist it. This is probably due to having a 17″ widescreen and only 2 hinges at each end. A 3rd hinge in the middle may be better but everything seems to hold well enough in place and the screen does not show any wear and tear after I did my test on it. There were no ripples on the screen when I tried to push in on the lid and no excessive wobbling when the screen was pushed on when the screen is up. The top of the LCD Screen looks like it is made of some sort of metal while the rest of the 5760 looks like it is made of some quality plastic.

As this is my very 1st laptop that I have ever used, I somehow do not consider it that heavy at all. I of course lug it from my apartment to work in my backpack so it was no problem for me carrying it around. It was also no problem carrying it around my apartment when I was testing its wireless connection.


5760 LCD screen in the light.(view large image) 5760 LCD screen in the dark. (view large image)

The very 1st time I actually looked at the 17″ WSXGA+ (1680×1050) Widescreen Glossy Display of the 5760, I was amazed by its beauty. It is bar none, one of the best LCD screen I have ever seen. Everyone at work that has checked out my laptop all say how beautiful and great it is. You can easily change the brightness of the screen by the additional Function (Fn) keys on the keyboard. I chose the WSXGA+ resolution as oppose to the larger WUXGA+ as I was afraid of performance decrease in gaming with a higher resolution and also the text being too small for viewing for other uses. I already have a 19″ WXGA+ LCD Monitor at home and I can easily say that I am very happy with the resolution I chose.

The only thing that irks me about the screen is when some dust settles on it. Because it is a glossy screen, you may notice it on your screen at times. I highly suggest getting a microfiber cloth so you can wipe your screen when there is something there that is bothering you.

An added bonus is the built-in 1.3 mega-pixel webcam that is mounted on the top-middle side of the LCD screen. The lens itself is small enough that you or other people around you may not even notice it at times.

1.3 mega pixel webcam.


The external speaker of the 5760 produces some decent sound with the onboard sound. It is not the loudest but it does the job. It is also enjoyable to hear the sounds produced by the 5760 with the Sony h.ear Sports Headphones MDR-J11G that I used.

Processor and Performance:

The Sager 5760 is the best and fastest computer I have ever owned. It is noticeable how fast it handles what is given to it by the speed of installations and load up of programs I have put in it. The games I have played so far with it has been great at such a high setting that I have never been able to do before. This is definitely made possible by the Intel Dual-Core CPU and the latest nVidia go7900GTX video card.

I was even more amazed when I found a Hotfix to increase the performance of Dual-Core machines by a post by Gophn in the Sager forums here. In order to find out if this Hotfix actually works, I made 2 sets of benchmark tests for the system and in games.

My quick finding on this is that the Hotfix does help increase the performance of my 5760. The increased performance is minimal but some may like the extra kick they can add to their system.


I have tried my best to make the benchmarks as similar to each other as possible. As I stated above, I have done two complete benchmarks for my 5760, one without the Hotfix and one with the Hotfix included. I will also note on each benchmark test any comments for that specific test.


Each benchmark was done twice per test.

The 1st test was done prior to the Hotfix installed and hence labeled “Pre-Hotfix”.

The 2nd test was done after the Hotfix was installed and hence labeled “Post-Hotfix”.

System Benchmarks

Super Pi Results:

5760 Super Pi results Pre-Hotfix (view large image) 5760 Super Pi results Post-Hotfix  (view large image)


5760 3DMark05 Pre-Hotfix 5760 (view large image) 3DMark05 Post-Hotfix  (view large image)


5760 3DMark06 Pre-Hotfix (view large image) 5760 3DMark06 Post-Hotfix  (view large image)


5760 PCMark05 Pre-Hotfix (view large image) 5760 PCMark05 Post-Hotfix  (view large image)

HD Tune:

5760 HD Tune Pre-Hotfix  (view large image) 5760 HD Tune Post-Hotfix  (view large image)

It is easy to see how powerful this 5760 is with the system benchmarks used above. The Hotfix installed definitely shows a slight increase in performance as a well. I myself notice that I am able to start-up my laptop faster after I have installed the Hotfix. With or without the Hotfix installed, it easily is a good competition for the most current available laptops at this time.

Game Benchmarks

Only the Average FPS is shown for each game benchmark.


Settings: CPU and Video options initially set at Maximum.

The resolution and AA settings were then adjusted per test using the built-in benchmark tool.

The highest resolution of 1680×1050 was made possible by changing the settings at the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsMonolith ProductionsFEARsettings.cfg file as stated in

5760 F.E.A.R. benchmarks (view large image)


Settings: Prior to running the game, I accessed the out-of-game options.

I used the default Medium, High and Ultra settings initially per test.

Bloom was kept instead of HDR due to nVidia card not able to run both AA + HDR at same time.

Only other options changed are the resolution and AA.

A saved game was made in the very beginning of the game right after the jail cell was opened and the King and the guards move into the dungeon.

I then used FRAPS for 60 seconds to get the average FPS while running out of the jail cell towards the 1st ambush and run back towards the jail cell and back towards the ambush site.

5760 Oblivion benchmarks (view large image)

Battlefield 2:

Settings: Video options are initially set at Maximum settings.

AA settings were changed and game rebooted per test.

1680×1050 resolution was achieved as stated by a workaround from while having the setting in-game at Max resolution of 1440×1050 at 60MHz.

I then logged in Single Player mode using Daliant Plant as the test level and used FRAPS for 60 seconds to get the Average FPS while moving on the exact same path from 1 checkpoint to another for each test.

5760 Battlefield 2 benchmarks (view large image)

The gameplay for each setting was excellent. Graphics are beautiful and there was practically lag free for each setting. It is great to finally have the games I want to play to be set at max settings so I can fully enjoy the eye candy and fully entertain myself.

I just wish that there are built-in benchmark tests for each game I have tested like in the game F.E.A.R.. This would make it easier to set a standard for each test. I however did my best to do exactly the same thing in my FRAPS test with Oblivion and BF2 while having the only difference of changing the settings for each test.

The Hotfix that was used definitely shows an increase in performance for each of the games tested. FPS for each game increased by a slight margin but it was in BF2 that a dramatic increase was found. Like I said above, I have done each and every test the same for each settings and I really have no idea why BF2 gave such a higher FPS increase after the Hotfix was installed.

Heat and Noise:

For the most part, the 5760 is a quiet and cool machine. The palm rest area can get warm after a long night of gaming but it does not get hot. It actually is almost like a comfortable warmness that radiates from the palm rest area. Every now and then you can actually hear the whirr of the hard drive or optical drive. You could hear this after your initial run of whatever you are doing but it dissipates soon enough and for the most part will run very quiet.

Keyboard and Touchpad:

5760 Keyboard, Touchpad and AudioDJ (view large image)

I am used to my Logitech G15 keyboard so the notebook keys took sometime to get used to. It is quiet enough to use and does not have that sticking feeling compared to using standard desktop keyboards. To make room for the Num Pad keys they placed some keys to be used in conjunction with the FN (Function) key. These keys are the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys now located in the Left, Up, Down and Right arrows respectively. Having to use the FN and the Arrows keys are the only thing I didn’t like about the keyboard. The keyboard also has some additional functions placed on the F# keys. There are also 3 additional keys on top of the keyboard near the power button that can be used for various uses like open up your email or other application you chose for it to use.

The touchpad is typically like any other touchpad in most laptops. It has a scrolling bar on the right had side of the touchpad. Right below it is the right and left button for the touchpad and a central button with arrows on it. It is very easy to accidentally hit the touchpad while typing on the keyboard. This can be easily solved by turning off the touchpad with the Fn+F1 key (which is the very 1st thing I do upon start up).

5760 front and top view with Audio “DJ” (view large image)

The Audio “DJ” buttons and screen at the bottom of the laptop is a great feature. The screen gives you some great information like the time (only military time for now), battery charge, and various other features that are online at the time. It also doubles as a CD player by having it run without having the laptop turned on. The bottom part of the 5760 is definitely a great addition to its already great list of features.

Input and Output Ports:

The Sager 5760 comes with various inputs and outputs for your various needs. It comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports (2 in the back and 2 on the right side). It also includes a DVI-out port, S/PDIF-Out jack, RJ-11 phone jack, RJ45 LAN jack, 7-pin S-Video-Out jack, Serial Port, Headphone-out jack, Microphone-In jack, 7-in-1 Card Reader and a Mini-IEEE 1394 port. There is also a TV Antenna jack found in the back as well but you will need to have a TV Tuner installed for it to work, I did not get the built-in TV Tuner so I cannot review that at this time. The PCMCIA Card slot is now an ExpressCard Slot and accepts either an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 formats.

I like the placements of the ports so far except for the 2 USB ports on the right side of the laptop. If I put anything in those ports I have a chance of having it hit by my hand when I am using my mouse (and I always use my mouse). They should have put those 2 ports on the right a little higher or on the left side of the laptop. That is at least my preference and other than those 2 ports, I am happy with the locations of the other ports.

Able to use MMC, SD, MS and MS Pro without an adapter BUT requires a PC adapter to be able to use MS Duo, Mini SD and RS MMC cards

Below are a set of images of the 5760 in various angles to show each of its specific parts.

5760 back side view (view large image)

5760 Bottom View (view large image)

5760 left side view (view large image)

5760 right side view (view large image)


The Sager 5760 comes with a built-in Intel 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN. It was easy enough to use right out of the box after installing its driver from the driver CD that came with the package. I was able to get good signals from both my work and my home. I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router at home and I was able to pick up a good signal from my bedroom, which are 2 rooms away from my router separated by at least 3 walls.

My 5760 also came with a built-in Bluetooth module and FIR Infrared Transceiver. I currently have no accessories that currently use such technology so I wasn’t able to test those features at this time.


5760 top view with battery (view large image)

I always use my 5760 plugged in so the battery life was not a major concern for me. It is after all a desktop replacement notebook and considers it more of a portable desktop. But I did try to test it to see how long the battery lasted. I put it on the highest brightness and tried to have every functions possible running while I tried to watch Star Wars III with my 3 yr. old son. While having everything on and watching this DVD Movie, it took my 5760 1hr 47mins to finally run out of juice. I could probably make it run longer if I adjust some settings but like I said before, battery life was not a big issue for me when I always have the laptop plugged in anyways.

You can see from my picture above that the 5760 comes with a power brick, and it does look like a brick. I just wish it was a little bit smaller but I guess that is what you get for having something as powerful as this laptop.

Operating System and Software:

I ordered my Sager 5760 without any OS because I was planning to use Windows XP MCE 2005 as my OS. At the time of purchase, did not offer this OS but they did offer Windows XP Home or Pro. I am very happy so far with the XP MCE OS and even changed my desktop to a HTPC with XP MCE as its OS also.

The 5760 came with the few bare necessities when it is shipped. It came with Nero, Intervideo WinDVD, Bluetooth Software, Intel Wireless Software, and the Driver CD that has all the drivers you will need for a fresh install. If you ordered your 5760 with an OS they usually send in a recovery CD as well. Those are the only software found in the 5760 and you can chose to install them all yourself or have it pre-installed for you. The best thing about Sager is they do not install any of the bloatware that you can find in some other PC companies.

Customer Support:

As much as I am happy with my purchase, I was actually able to test both and Sager’s customer support prior to my purchase and right afterwards. Prior to my purchase, I have been asking various questions a month or two before the Pre-orders for the 5760 was even available. Matthew Tucker of was very patient and helpful in trying to help answer each and every possible question I could think off (and I did ask about every possible question out there). If you are planning to buy a laptop from I highly suggest to specifically ask for Matthew Tucker as he is very helpful and knowledgeable over there.

I was also slightly upset about my Sager 5760 at 1st due to a piece of dust that was inside my LCD screen. This was easily noticed by me upon its arrival. I had to contact Sager 1st as they are the point of contact for the 1st year of service. It is something that I believe should have been looked at prior to shipping but may have been overlooked because I did not request any OS to be installed in it. Either way it is something that shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Sager was very helpful and I actually had great communication with David Liu, one of their tech department people I think. Unfortunately Sager did not offer to have my laptop to be shipped back to them for repairs but they do provide 2nd Day shipment back. I wanted to receive my laptop back ASAP so I had to spend $150 for Overnight UPS Delivery to Sager. Sager surprised me again by having my 5760 repaired and conduct a burn-in test the same day they received it. They even were able to ship it back to me 2nd Day delivery via UPS the day after they have repaired my laptop. They made sure to email me the tracking number and what was happening with my 5760 as well.

So even though Sager gets a point taken off for the dust in the LCD screen upon initial shipping, they do get full credit for taking care of the problem that was sent to them in an expedient manner and also able to personally contact me. Overall, I am happy with the service from both and Sager.

I did choose because I wanted the 3 yr. Extended Warranty and 3 yr. Accidental Damage Protection. This is because I have a 3yr. old son at home and we all know what children and fine equipment adds up to at times. It just gives me that much more security for such an expensive investment.

To find out more about DiscountLaptops and Sager just check them out at their respective websites. They both also have Phone and Email support but they generally are closed on weekends.


Sager Midern Computers



I would highly suggest getting the Sager 5760 if you have the money to buy it and you want a powerful and beautiful desktop replacement notebook. You just have to realize that this is actually more like a portable desktop and should be used on a level surface at all times.


  • Excellent performance for gaming or various other tasks.
  • Cool and quiet.
  • Sleek design and somewhat portable for a 9lb laptop.
  • Beautiful screen that will make everyone drool around you.
  • Full keyboard setup.
  • Great customer service so far.


  • Price, base cost runs for $2,000.
  • PCMCIA replaced by ExpressCard54, bad if you have older hardware.
  • Sager does not provide shipping to them for any defects or RMA but does pay for shipment back to you.
  • Military Time only in Audio “DJ”.
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports on the right side can get in the way at times.
  • Must use Function Key with respective arrow keys to use Page Down, Page up, Home and End keys.

Bonus Section — Sager 5760 and Accessories

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