Kingston DataTraveler 400 Review

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by Jerry Jackson

The Kingston DataTraveler 400 2GB USB flash drive is one of the most useful and secure thumb drives in the Kingston lineup. This drive features a swivel design and capless form factor for easy transport, and keeps your important files encrypted while you’re on the move.

DataTraveler 400 drive specifications:

  • Capacities- 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
  • Dimensions – 2.58 x 0.71 x 0.41"
  • Fast – data transfer rates of 20MB/sec. read and 10MB/sec. write
  • Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost on Vista-based systems
  • Operating Temperature – 32° to 140° F
  • Storage Temperature – -4° to 185° F
  • Simple – just plug into a USB port
  • Guaranteed: five-year warranty

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Design and Features

The DataTraveler 400 USB flash drive has a capless design that lets the USB connector swivel inside a metal frame for protection during transport. Not only does this design look good, but it solves the dilemma of losing USB end caps on other flash drives. Unlike "switchblade" type flash drives, there is no release switch to break or get stuck in the closed position. To extend the USB connector, you press on either side of the drive to slide the main part of the drive away from the protective frame. When you’re done, simply flip the drive back the way it was.

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The capless design of the DataTraveler 400 is something you can really appreciate if you’ve ever lost the USB end cap on another flash drive. The swivel design is so simple and so functional that I’m surprised more companies haven’t used a similar design. The external "frame" is aluminum surrounding a rubberized plastic body which gives the drive an overall rugged feel. The DataTraveler 400 is easy to hold, easy to swivel, and easy to use.

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The included MigoSync software lets you synchronize your files, email and web browser settings on the DataTraveler 400. When you return to your main PC the MigoSync application synchronizes your files from your drive to your PC so that you always stay current with the latest revision of your documents.

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MigoSync uses the Universal Mail Format to let you access your email on applications other than the ones you use at home or at the office. In other words, if your laptop at home doesn’t support the email application you use at work, MigoSync will access your email using other applications like Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes.

To make life just a little more secure you can also create different workspace profiles, such as "home" or "work," and then password protect them with the included SecureTraveler software. SecureTraveler allows you to create and access a password-protected partition called a "Privacy Zone" on the DataTraveler 400.

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The listed compatibility on the DataTraveler 400 USB flash drive includes almost all modern operating systems working with the drive. Unfortunately, the included password protection software and MigoSync data synchronization application are not compatible with Mac OS.

Compatibility Table:

Operating System File Transfer Password Protection MigoSync
Windows Vista Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Yes Yes Yes
Windows 2000 SP4 Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS 10.2.x and above Yes No No


MigoSync Supported Email Clients:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express (5.0 and 6.0)
  • Outlook 2000 (and above) with POP3/SMTP and Exchange Server6
  • Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (1.5 and 2.0)
  • Lotus Notes (6.5 and 7.0 with POP3/SMTP and Domino6)

MigoSync Supported Internet Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (5.0 – 7.0)
  • Mozilla Firefox (1.5 and 2.0)


Much to our surprise, the DataTraveler 400 proved to be even faster than expected. Despite the fact that Kingston rates this drive as having a maximum data transfer rate of 20MB per second for read and 10MB per second for write, the DataTraveler 400 performed roughly as well as the faster rated DataTraveler HyperX series of flash drives. As indicated in the benchmark tests below, the drive performed quite well and is nearly capable of maxing out the performance available from the USB port. Our standard benchmarks include ATTO, HDTune, and HDTach.

ATTO performance benchmark:

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HDTune performance benchmark:

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HDTach performance benchmark:

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The DataTraveler 400 is great for companies with employees who are constantly traveling between computers. The included MigoSync application allows a mobile user to create an identical desktop environment between their office and home computers. On a similar note, the DataTraveler 400 lets larger companies share computers with multiple employees since each worker will carry his or her own files and applications on a flash drive. You can use MigoSync to create a personalized working environment that can be replicated on any computer. Anyone concerned about private data being transferred on a USB flash drive can simply create a password-protected partition on the drive using the included SecureTraveler encryption software.

In short, the DataTraveler 400 is a great drive for anyone who uses multiple computers and needs to keep their data encrypted.


  • Reasonably fast
  • Durable design
  • MigoSync software is a nice extra
  • SecureTraveler offers extremely easy-to-use encryption


  • A little expensive for a 2GB flash drive
  • SecureTraveler and MigoSync don’t work with Mac OS or Linux



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