Griffin Notebook Elevator Review

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by Gerald Edgecomb

If you are like me, you are constantly searching for ways to get more open space on your desk. Notebooks are great for portability, but even the smallest ones can take a chunk out of your desk space, and I have to find room for two! I wanted something that would raise the screen height while using my notebook on my desk and would also provide me with more space to store a second notebook. In my search for a solution I came across the Griffin Elevator, which retails for $39.99. The Elevator uses a U-shaped design so it not only raises the notebook to eye level, but also gives me the extra space I need by allowing me to put something underneath the notebook.

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The Griffin Elevator raises your notebook to create more space and provide better viewing

Design and Build

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The Griffin Elevator is designed to raise the notebook screen to eye level while you use an external keyboard and mouse. To achieve this, Griffin uses two U-shaped brushed aluminum arms that give a minimalist look, which works well with any notebook. The Elevator has a solid feel and uses two long strips of rubber to keep the notebook from sliding off the stand. Its open design also allows air to flow all around the notebook, keeping it cool. While Griffin uses the MacBook Pro in their promotional material, the Elevator is advertised to work with any notebook. By using the U-shaped design, Griffin has made it easier to clear up desk clutter by giving you room to store something under the notebook. I am using the extra space for my wife’s Dell notebook, but it could accommodate many things like a keyboard or a few books. I really enjoy the design of the Elevator and thinks it adds to the look and functionality of my desk space.

MacBook Pro with a Dell stored underneath the Griffin Elevator (view large image)

In Use

With the Dell Inspiron 6000 on it the Elevator tilts slightly to the right due to the heaviness on the right side (view large image)

My first concern was how much the stand could hold. I knew it would take my 5.6 lbs MacBook Pro without trouble, but what about my wife’s heavier Dell Inspiron 6000d? It holds well, but not quite as well as I had hoped. Apparently, the Inspiron is heavier on one side than the other, so one arm sags a little more. I would feel comfortable leaving it on there, but I am worried that over time one arm will get bent, leaving me with a lopsided stand. Not to mention I don’t like looking at a screen that is a little tilted. At this point I was concerned about heavier notebooks on the stand. Not having a heavier notebook to test, I put 10 lbs. of textbooks on the stand, and it held up surprisingly well. The stand supported the weight with minimal flex.

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The Elevator raises the height of the notebook’s screen by about 6 ", providing a much more ergonomic monitor. Whether I am using the notebook by itself or using it as a secondary monitor, the extra height is much easier on my neck and back.


Overall, I like the Griffin Elevator. I think it does a good job of raising the screen to eye level, and gives me the extra space I need to store another notebook. It has a sturdy build, and as long as you have a fairly flat, evenly weighted notebook it should hold whatever you throw at it. I was able to get mine for $29.99 USD, but even at $39.99 USD it is a good deal for those looking for a way to raise their notebook monitor and get a little extra space while still being aesthetically pleasing.


  • Attractive
  • Sturdy


  • May not work well with unevenly weighted notebooks.
  • Works best with a flat bottom.



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