Futura Laptop Desk Review

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We can all rest easy:  LapWorks has created the Futura Laptop Desk, the solution to the dreaded “HOT LEG.”

Feel better?  I do too.  But seriously, the newly released Futura is a laptop desk that doubles as a desktop stand.  Created by LapWorks, out of Rancho Cucamonga, California, the Futura claims to be of tremendous ergonomic benefit, portable, and a reducer of heat. 

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  • Dimensions: 21” long x 11” wide
  • 3/8” thick unfolded, 1/2” thick folded
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Screen height elevation: 3 ”
  • Gripping rubber on both sides
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • UV inhibited color fast
  • One year warranty

My first impression of the Futura was that it seemed well designed, small and fierce looking in all of its gun-metal gray glory (LapWorks mentioned in their newsletter that they will be launching the Futura in an array of colors in the coming months).  It’s made of high-impact ABS plastic and weighs about 16 ounces.  It easily fit in my laptop bag and can be stored in a small desk drawer.

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It has several ventilation slots to help reduce the heat put out by the laptop.  There are multiple rubber grips to keep the laptop secure on the Futura and to keep the Futura secure wherever it’s placed.  It also has a secure latch to keep it folded when you want to travel with it.

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As a desktop stand it works nicely from an ergonomics viewpoint.  I did feel more comfortable typing when my laptop was raised and my screen was at eye level.  To make sure the Futura will fit most situations there are five adjustable levels and the LapWorks website has an ergonomically correct laptop-using posture poster that you can print out for guidance.  (By the way, if you don’t know what ergonomic means, it’s just a big word for using something effectively and safely.)   In stand mode, the Futura was sturdy enough to hold my laptop (Dell Latitude D620) while still attached to my docking station. 

The problem was when I was typing any thing of substance on my keyboard the stand shook enough that it gave me motion sickness.  I wasn’t a fan and promptly took my laptop off.

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But the real purpose is as a laptop desk and that’s where the Futura excels.  When folded out it spanned my lap comfortably and the laptop felt secure, thanks to the double sided rubber grips.  I guess it left my lap cooler but this wouldn’t be a selling point for me because my laptop doesn’t get that hot.  I guess I’ve never experienced discomfort on my legs from laptop heat or as LapWorks likes to call it, “Hot Leg.”

The Futura was barely big enough to fit a mouse on the desk.  This probably isn’t a big concern to most users of a portable laptop device, but I hate using the touchpad (LapWorks is planning on offering a snap-on MouzPad to help fit an external mouse onto the Futura).


Overall, the Futura would be great for the constant traveler.  It’s portable, light and handy in an airport when your flight’s delayed.  Or even for people who use their laptops on their laps (shocking, I know).  For those of us who use their laptops in the most straight forward way, on a desk, it’s not really necessary.


  • Slim, fits almost anywhere
  • Rubber grips on both sides
  • Prevents laptop overheating
  • Reasonably priced


  • Shaky when in desktop stand mode
  • Can’t really fit an external mouse
  • Currently only offered in Gun-metal gray

Price: $29.95, can be ordered on the LapWorks website.



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