BuddhaPad Review

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I’m sure most people in corporate America will agree that there’s little enlightenment going on within their offices. And when was the last time you truly experienced inner peace while sitting at your desk? I’m about to tell you how a computer accessory may put you on the path to spiritual enlightenment, and the jackball in the adjacent cube can’t do anything to stop you.

BuddhaPad (view larger)

Ok, so sure, the BuddhaPad is a clever marketing gimmick applied to your semi-standard mouse pad. This one’s an 8.5″ round pad, about the size of a small pizza. But if we accept the gimmick and give into our inner-goofball, or if you take this seriously, your inner-nutjob, the BuddhaPad is a fun conversation piece. A nice bonus, it works with not only PC systems, but Macs too!

The BuddhaPad features Hotei, the happy or laughing Buddha. The best part about the BuddhaPad is that it requires no extra work to obtain good fortune. All you have to do is toss out your boring old mouse pad and insert this one. It works well with any mouse, so as you use your mouse during the day, your prosperity and happiness climb almost by themselves. Since many of our readers use touchpads or trackpoint pointing devices while in the office or at home, I have not yet determined if the BuddhaPad being on your desk, but not in use, is sufficient to generate good fortune. If you don’t use an external mouse, I suggest rubbing the Buddha with your hand from time to time, or at least put your coffee cup on it. It’s my understanding that any Buddha stimulation with the mouse or otherwise is sufficient to make good things happen.

BuddhaPad in use (view larger)

So far I’ve talked a good deal about happiness, enlightenment and wisdom. It’s important to understand though that the BuddhaPad offers much more. On the outer rim of the pad the core benefits of rubbing the Buddha are highlighted; love, kindness, health, prosperity, compassion, gratitude, hope, dream, contentment, wealth, humility, peace, wisdom, harmony and longevity. I’ve been using the BuddhaPad for two weeks and have noticed several of these good things. We even just migrated all of our servers to a new location, something that’s usually fraught with problems, but we had almost no issues. Good planning and execution? I think not, it’s time to give credit where credit is due. In fact, aside from getting in trouble with my wife for using all the hot water before she wanted to take a bath, things have been going well for me in the categories the BuddhaPad promises to help in. The lone exception may be kindness, but I was a jerk to start with, and to be fair, I haven’t kicked my dog in a while, so maybe I am more kind after a few weeks with the pad after all.

To prove their motto that the BuddhaPad makes good things happen, i&D, the people behind the pad, donates 10% of their sales to the Make a Wish Foundation. So for $10.95 you get a better life and kids get to be happy, can it get any better?


  • Longevity, wealth and peace. Need I say more?
  • Good conversation piece
  • Works well as a mouse pad


  • Laughing Buddha may be mildly disturbing to some users
  • Unknown compatibility with built-in pointing devices

Bottom Line:
If you want a mouse pad that’s better than the faded one with curled edges on your desk, why not invest a few bucks in health and happiness. Plus 10% goes to the kids, so where’s the down side?

Buying Information:
The BuddhaPad can be purchased direct from $10.95 form the BuddhaPad site.



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