Belkin CushTop Laptop Lap Desk Review

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Belkin CushTop Laptop Lap Desk Review


In addition to a bevy of other great technology gear and accessories, Belkin has a great line of lap desks, designed with you in mind.  When I first laid eyes on the CushTop (retailing for $34.99), I was shocked by its bright orange color and angled design. I wasn’t sure how such a funky design could be comfortable and functional, but I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. The Belkin CushTop Laptop Lap Desk is one of the most comfortable laptop desks I’ve used. 

So, what sets this desk apart? First of all, it was designed specifically for use with a laptop, not as a writing desk (a characteristic that is not as common as you might think). Second, it actually does what it says it will, namely, provide a comfortable surface that dissipates heat and provides storage for accessories. And, it’s durable to boot.


This is how Belkin describes the CushTop:

  • Protects your lap from a hot laptop
  • Uniquely designed for comfortable laptop use on the couch, bed or floor
  • Features high-quality, furniture-like, hand washable upholstery
  • Provides convenient storage pocket for your power supply and mouse
  • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

To accommodate a wide range of users and computers, the CushTop sports a reversible design: narrower on the top and wider on the bottom or wider on the top and narrower on the bottom, your choice. A quick flip will allow you to customize the desk to meet your needs. 

The handy accessory pocket goes all the way through the desk, but despite being open on both sides it holds a power adapter and a mouse securely. Additionally, the pocket functions well as an easy way to grip the desk and your computer at the same time if you find the need to go from your bedroom to your kitchen for a midnight snack without missing any chat messages. 

It is worth noting that I really had to wedge my mouse to get it into the pocket. I have a pretty standard cordless Logitech, but it was too thick to slip in easily. I tried it with an older, corded mouse, and had no trouble.

As for your color choices, well they’re limited. The CushTop comes in orange, lime green and silver. All three are fun colors, but I don’t see them wining any color palate prizes in Milan this year. Fortunately, looks aren’t everything, so let’s talk function.


Contrary to the belief of my preschooler, the Belkin CushTop is NOT a cool orange step stool designed to help reach the cookie jar.   However, I was very impressed that even after this abuse, there was no damage to the foam. No little footprints or indentations were left on the surface. So, I put my son to bed and sat down to type.

Two hours later, when I was done watching TV, I was amazed that my legs were not on fire and that I hadn’t needed to take a break from typing because I was overheating from being a heat synch for my computer. The CushTop had accomplished what no lineup of sofa cushions and coffee table books could achieve. And, as if that weren’t enough, my computer was not hot enough to fry bacon on, which I don’t recommend by the way; I tried it once, and well, just don’t do it. The CushTop had allowed enough air to circulate around my machine that the internal fans were actually able to do their job. I love it when technology works the way it’s supposed to!

But, back to the CushTop at hand, all this cool comfort has a downside, in addition to the mouse storage issue I mentioned above. I am a chronic leg crosser. My favorite way to sit and type on my computer is cross legged resting my computer on my legs. The issue I ran into was that, the sides of the CushTop have very little give, so the corners ended up cutting into my legs which was uncomfortable and left some pretty cool red pin striping on my skin. Fortunately, a simple shift in position cleared up this issue and improved my circulation all at the same time.


All in all, the Belkin CushTop laptop desk is a very functional and well thought out accessory. If you’re looking for something reasonably priced that will be comfortable to use while you kick your feet up and will survive the occasional use as a step stool, the Belkin CushTop is a great option.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable (even as a preschool step stool)
  • Comfortable resting on your legs
  • Angled well for comfortable typing
  • Dissipates heat well (my lap did not get hot at all)
  • Non-skid material so laptop won’t slip
  • Mouse and power supply storage is convenient and useful


  • Limited color selection will not appeal to everyone
  • Storage compartment is tight for some mice and power supplies
  • Firm sides allow no give which can cut in when used in a cross-legged position
  • Stinky right out of the package (fortunately, it airs out)



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