Asus Transformer Book T100HA: Conclusion

November 12, 2015 by Grant Hatchimonji Reads (37,808)
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The Transformer Book T100HA is solidly built.

The Transformer Book T100HA is solidly built.

At $350, the Asus Transformer Book T100HA isn’t a bad deal, but it’s not a spectacular one either. Sure, it has a relatively affordable price to go with its nice build and top-of-the-line OS, but the mid-range specs can frustrate at times, and the display is a disappointment.

But perhaps most importantly, the lack of any other remarkable attributes suggests that you should only be buying this if you’re dying for the ability to dock to a keyboard; there are comparable machines out there (some of which are cheaper!) whose only difference is that their displays are permanently attached to their keyboards. So if the whole transforming feature isn’t something that’s all that important to you, then you can probably pass on this.


  • Tablet has nice build
  • Solid battery life
  • Windows 10 is great (but Asus’s preloaded software is not)


  • Performance lags occasionally
  • Below average display
  • Keyboard can be frustrating to type on



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  1. a96camry

    I have been using my ASUS T-100(64GB SSD) for two years. I don’t use it without the keyboard a lot but it is a very useful option under certain condition. With it’s somewhat limited capabilities I still find new uses for it. Now I am using it as a substitute for a TV internet interface. I connect the mini-HDMI port to a TV with an adapter cable and keep it hidden. I connect to it from another laptop with TEAMVIEWER and run Amazon Prime, etc. It’s really useful in hotels.

  2. SteveBatu

    After reading lots of reviews about the ultrabook UX 305 I decided to buy it from Binglee Casula NSW.
    My excitement of owning an ultrabook ended the moment I walked out of the door.
    This is my story:

    Bought it in September 2015 and took it back home to set it up and realised the wireless adaptor wasn’t working on the notebook, after hours of troubleshooting I took it back to the store and they confirmed it was faulty gave me a replacement.
    Took the replacement back home and started setting it up again and realised the screen was faulty. Took it back in to Binglee and got another replacement.
    I thought my nightmare ended there but after using for less than a month all of a sudden it started blue screening and kept going in a automatic repair loop. I tried refreshing, restoring from restore point, resetting the PC but everything failed. Called the support centre which was located overseas and the customer service rep told me to go through the whole process again which wasted another 1 hour of my time then finally told me to send it to the repair center in QLD.
    So I sent the laptop to QLD in the beginning of November and the laptop was repaired and sent it back to me end of December just before Christmas 2015. It took them almost 2 months to get it fixed. This morning I turned on the laptop on my first day back at work and it was like dejavu, same thing happened, blue screen, continuos repair loop. So was really frustrated and called the support center and they told me to go through the same process of shipping it to repair center and wait for resolution.
    I demanded for a resolution or at least send me a temporary laptop so that I could use it while they figure out the fault in my mysterious laptop but was declined and said nothing can be done by the customer service and it must be escalated to superiors and they standard call back time is 1-2 business days.
    Now I’m sitting in my office on my first day at work without a laptop, not productive and got frustrated in the morning with ASUS product and their customer service.

    What a way to start my new year at work. Thanks ASUS for making me a really happy customer with your amazing product and customer service.