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Lenovo ideapad 710S Review: A High-Value Ultrabook

The new Lenovo ideapad 710S features a magnesium-aluminum construction, a near-borderless display, and is one of 2016's best-looking Ultrabooks. Read full article

VAIO Review

VAIO S Review: A Classic Business Laptop

Call the VAIO S the VAIO Classic. It’s a thin-and-light Windows 10 notebook targeted at business users. There are few flourishes here, just utility and plenty of ports. Read full article

Lenovo Review

Lenovo Yoga 900S Review: A 2-in-1 With Lightweight Performance

The 12.5-inch Lenovo Yoga 900S is a beautiful 2-in-1 PC with plenty of battery life and enough performance to rival Apple's MacBook. Is that enough to make this a good[...] Read full article

Acer Review

Acer Aspire R 15 Review: A Well-Rounded 2-in-1

This convertible 2-in-1 delivers attractive looks and a starting price of just $650. If that isn't enough, a comfortable keyboard and solid performance make the Acer Aspire R15 an even[...] Read full article

Huawei Review

Huawei MateBook Review: A Standard 2-in-1 Priced Right

The Huawei MateBook is a Windows 10 two-in-one that's built thin and looks slick. It's cheaper than competing devices and bundled with useful accessories. Does its Core m performance match[...] Read full article

Business Review

Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 Review: The Toughest 2-in-1

There's no tougher 2-in-1 than the Panasonic Toughbook CF-20. This Windows device fits its billing as a tough device, but is it worth its high price tag just north of[...] Read full article


Acer Aspire S 13: An Excellent Ultrabook

The attractive and unique design, strong performance, long lasting battery, and affordable price make the Acer Aspire S 13 one of the most appealing Ultrabooks priced at less than $800. Read full article

Dell Review

Dell XPS 13 2016 Review: An Ultrabook Improvement

Starting at $799 the XPS 13 packs impressive features into a thin and light design. Is this the best alternative to Apple's MacBook or Microsoft's Surface Pro 4? Keep reading[...] Read full article

Lenovo Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 Review

The ThinkPad Yoga 460 may be Lenovo's most adaptable laptop to date. Armed with a 360-degree display and digitizer pen, this laptop serves as a business notebook and tablet. Read[...] Read full article

Lenovo Review

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Review

The new ThinkPad 13 isn't the thinnest, lightest, or even the best Ultrabook on the market. Nevertheless, this entry-level business laptop has quite a bit to offer for your money[...] Read full article