VIDEO: Dell Latitude E5530 Preview

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Hi. I’m Michael Wall, from Notebook Review. This is our quick look at the Dell Latitude E5530.

Basically, what you have here is a nice all-around machine that can pretty much do everything well; it doesn’t really excel in any one area. I think the first thing that really catches your eye is how big this device is. It weighs a little bit over 6 pounds, and a large part of that actually comes from the extended battery life, which you can see in the back of the device, as it’s kind of jetting out there. It actually does serve to give it exceptional battery life. The 9-cell battery lasts far longer than any competing notebooks have. That is a huge plus for this device.

Obviously, the size is a turnoff for the portability of this device. For someone who doesn’t mind a little extra weight, it really is sturdy. I think that’s one of the pluses of its bulky design. You can see here, the chassis really doesn’t move at all. It’s a plastic frame, but it holds up really, really well. No matter how much pressure you put in, there’s practically no give, at all. The same thing can be said for the display as well. There’s a slight bit of give, but that’s to be expected with the display. Even though it does give, there’s absolutely no rippling. As you can see on the screen, it holds up really, really well.

Another huge plus for this machine is just the comfortable feel of the touchpad and the keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t have the deepest key compression, but what it does have is a textured feel on top of the keys that makes typing really nice. There’s really solid feedback coming from the keyboard, as well, so when you are typing, you get assurance that you’re hitting the keys. One of the things that always sticks out to me with Dell is just the customization that they put with their touchpads; it’s really simple. It’s just a little interface that allows you to adjust the pointer speed, the double-click feedback. There’s not a whole lot to this. You can change the button layout or you can change multi-finger gestures. It’s really simple, but it goes a long way, when it comes to having the machine feel like it’s your own and having it be comfortable. Admittedly, the touchpad in and of itself isn’t anything amazing. This little bit of customization goes a long way in really just making an adequate touchpad feeling like a great touch pad.

Being a business device, it has some added security with the fingerprint scanner. When I was testing out the device, it worked fairly well. It can be integrated with certain applications if you’d like. It’s pretty much a standard fingerprint scanner. You got to be careful when you’re first doing it because if you do it at an awkward angle, you swipe across it in a way you’re not going to be normally dragging your finger, you might get misreads in the future.

When it comes to performance, it’s definitely going to get the job done, especially when you’re talking about business applications and general use. It’s equipped with an I5 processor. When we were testing this machine, multitasking and stuff like that, it held up wonderfully. Really, the main drawback and the limiting factor for this device is going to be the Intel integrated HD 4000 graphics. The machine also offers a 15.6 HD display with the standard resolution of 1366×768. It’s not going to blow you away, but it does get the job done. As you can see, it has pretty solid color contrast. One of the nice features of it is that it holds up to lighting really well. Even if you’re in well-lit areas, you’re not going to get a glare. When you start talking about things like gaming or any kind of video editing, this machine is really not going to be able to handle it. When it comes to actually multitasking, running multiple web browsers, applications in the background, the machine holds up really well.

For business users who want a general-use a computer that can actually last a long time, it’s extremely durable, and it’s going to give you a solid level of performance across the board.



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