Toshiba to Offer Theft Protection Software for all Laptops Sold in Canada

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Do you ever worry about your laptop being stolen?  Just think about all the important work you might lose and of course the monetary value of the notebook.  Toshiba of Canada is going to start bundling software with notebooks sold in that country that allows tracking of stolen notebooks.  If they don’t find your computer within 30-days of the theft, you get $1000 to help buy a new laptop!

The software that will be bundled with Toshiba notebooks is called Laptop Retriever (  This software is made by a company named Absolute.  Absolute’s Laptop Retriever service works through a small, patented software agent that is installed on the user’s PC. The software agent regularly communicates its location back to a centralized server in stealth mode. If the PC is stolen, Absolute’s Recovery Team works with local law enforcement agencies to secure the return of the PC. Absolute’s confidence in its ability to recover stolen PC’s installed with Laptop Retriever is demonstrated by its recovery guarantee whereby Absolute will pay up to $1000.00 for a PC not recovered within 30 days of being reported stolen to Absolute.

Over the next 12 months, every newly released Toshiba notebook computer shipped in Canada will include an Absolute Laptop Retriever icon on the desktop that will provide details about the product and enable consumers to purchase and install three years of laptop protection for $119.95.

“Absolute’s Laptop Retriever service is a great way of ensuring that our customers have added confidence in their Toshiba notebook computer, particularly for those that are frequently on the move”, said Trevor Dantas, Vice President of Technical Services, Toshiba ISG. “Toshiba notebook computers are known for their reliability and customer satisfaction. Laptop Retriever represents a compelling and complementary service for our customers to protect their assets and information.”

Some people might be wary about the fact that by installing this software, Absolute can actually track your laptop even if it is not stolen.  The software does in fact report its location once a day to the servers at Absolute, even if it is not stolen.  Absolute guarantees this information will only be used for recovery purposes if a laptop is indeed reported as stolen and all information they store is secured and non-accessible to the outside world.

If you do report a laptop as being stolen, the Recovery Team can force your notebook to broadcast its location every 15 minutes.  The catch is, the notebook has to be hooked to the internet for it to broadcast where it is and for the Recovery Team to try and determine the location, if your stolen laptop never gets connectet to the net then there’s no chance of this software working.  Location is determined based on the IP address and any telephone number the laptop uses to dial into an internet service provider.  Police can subpoena internet service providers to give them physical location for internet ip addresses they issue.  If you don’t buy a Toshiba laptop in Canada but are still interested in this software, read more about it from the brochure:




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