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Vantech LapCool4:

LapCool4 front view (view large image) LapCool4 under the 5760  (view large image)

LapCool4 w/ 5760 back side view (view large image) LapCool4 w/ 5760 front side view (view large image)

LapCool4 w/ 5760 left side view (view large image) LapCool4 w/ 5760 right side view (view large image)

What I have here is the Vantech LapCOol4 LPC-430. This is the version with an 8-in-1 card reader. I got this because I wanted to have some additional cooling for my 5760 and also use it as a hub and help tilt the notebook for ease in typing.

I noticed that the tilt made by the LapCool4 helped in using the laptop by putting it on an angle. When I used my 5760 without the LapCool4 it made my hand and wrist hurt during my 8 hour shift because I was using it on a flat level. This all stopped when I have the tilt angle provided by the LapCool4.

The 3 extra USB 2.0 ports are nice when you need them. The 8-in-1 card reader is practically pointless for me due to having a built-in card reader in my 5760. (Hint: Buy the LPC-420 version if you want to get the LapCool4 for your 5760).

The cooling difference really is only marginal due to only the middle small vent at the bottom of the 5760 is getting the 2 fans of the LapCool4.

In short, don’t expect the LapCool4 to do a tremendous job in cooling your 5760. It is good for having a portable hub that you can use to have extra USB 2.0 ports and have your 5760 be sitting in a nice angle to work on. It is an extra item you can live without but it is nice to have.

I suggest the CoolerMaster NotePal W1 if you are not planning to be taking it with you and plan to have it stuck on a desk. But for portability the LapCOol4 is nice indeed.

Logitech G7:

Logitech G7 and Base Station/Charger (view large image) Sager 5760 with Logitech G7 (view large image)

I love using the Logitech G7 with my 5760. The one I got is the black color version that I bought from Newegg. I just plug in the base station, which also doubles as a charger for the 2nd battery, in a USB port and I am good to go. It feels great on my hand and love the customization I can do with it. Changing batteries can take literally 2 seconds so you can be fragging and not break a sweat changing batteries. It is very responsive and I have yet to experience any kind of lag from using it.

I actually ordered a Razer Copperhead before and returned it the same day I got it because I liked the feel of my G7 better. The button placements and feel of the Razer Copperhead just was not good for me and maybe I got accustomed to the G7’s wireless features.

Kensington Contour Backpack:

Kensington Contour front pouch (view large image) Kensington Contour middle pouch (view large image)

Kensington Contour main pouch (view large image) Kensington Contour fully packed (view large image)

There is already a full review of the Kensington Contour backpack at so I will just write about my experience with it and my 5760.

For my basic needs of taking my 5760 and other items to work and home and back again, it does its job well. It is made of quality material and gives my 5760 adequate padding around it while hugging it nicely in the built-in laptop pouch. I usually put all my accessories in the middle pouch while having my papers and notes in the main pouch where the laptop pouch is found. There is some extra room on the 2 side pockets to carry my digital camera and extra CD or DVD I may be carrying at the time. The front pouch helps me organize the small other knick-knacks I am carrying.

There is enough padding in the bottom of the backpack that I do not feel to have to worry about placing it down on a hard surface. The lumbar support is a great feature also and just the whole design of this backpack is incredible. It actually helps distribute the weight of everything I have in it evenly so it does not feel too heavy when carried.

This is definitely a great investment and would be good for people that are not planning to carry too much items in their back. It can hold my 5760, all my accessories for it, a CD Case and possibly be able to fit a binder in it and a few other extra stuff and be ok. If you expect to be lugging around a lot more stuff than that, then you may need to get a bigger backpack than the Kensington Contour. But if you are just carrying some basic business items or do not need a very big backpack, then the Kensington Contour is a great one to get.



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