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Dell Introduces New Inspiron 8600 Notebook with Pentium M Chip

The Dell Inspiron 8500 series has been a popular seller, but the one knock against the model is its hunger for power due to the large screen size. Dell[...] Read full article

Toshiba News

Toshiba 2Ghz DVD/CDRW 15” Notebook $699.99 has the Toshiba 2Ghz 256MB/30GB DVD/CDRW 15" Screen Notebook for only $699.99 after rebates.   Simply click this link to visit and then search on "PSA10U-00R" to find the[...] Read full article

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New Coupons at Dell Small Business

Dell Small Business has 5% off $1599+ coupon "350AD0A23817" (EXP 09/03/03) on Inspiron 5150 Laptop. 15% off Dell Networking Wireless Products & Dell Notebook Accessories coupon "AF49F2C6FB25". Read full article

Storage News

Toshiba Introduces new Optical Drives for Notebooks

Toshiba on Tuesday announced new optical drives for mobile computers and portable projectors with updated features. The company's storage device division, based in Irvine, Calif., said its new optical[...] Read full article


Budget IBM Thinkpad T20 for $629.99

TigerDirect has the Refurbished IBM ThinkPad T20 / Intel Pentium III 700MHz / 128MB / 12GB / DVD / 14.1" XGA / Windows 98 / Ethernet laptop for $629.99. [...] Read full article


Gateway Introduces New sub $1000 Notebook – M305

Gateway has introduced a new line of budget notebooks in an effort to be more competitive in the sub $1000 notebook category. This new line is the M305 Model[...] Read full article

News Offers Notebook + Pocket PC Bundle Deal has set up customizable combo deals for a centrino notebook and Pocket PC PDA. Get a Centrino Notebook and Pocket PC 2003 PDA with Free Case and Free[...] Read full article

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Dell Inspiron Series Sale (after rebates)

Dell Home is offering the Inspiron 5100 Pentium 4 for $974 with free shipping and the Inspiron 1100 Celeron for $674 with free shipping. Read full article


Intel Says Chip Sales Better Than Expected

Intel says its semiconductor business overall is performing better than it expected. So much so, the company surprised investors Friday with a sales forecast two weeks ahead of its scheduled[...] Read full article

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Dell Home Coupon Codes THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Dell Home has three new coupons for Inspiron notebooks, good through 8/24.$100 off $1499 Inspiron Notebook with code "2238BF7AF5A8"$150 off $1999 Inspiron Notebook with code "A31FE311B195"$250 off $2499 Inspiron Notebook[...] Read full article